Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Scotland and Quebec - separated at birth

snow, snow....snow. windy. temps minus 6

A blizzard suddenly blew in. Completely unexpected. some snow, as you know, was falling yesterday, but no one expected the two feet we've had since last night. Here're a couple of photos...of Michael and Tony digging out Michael's 'real' car, and Trudy sitting in front of my beetle, in it's convenient snow garage.

Now, you might wonder why we were bothering to dig a car out, when clearly the blizzard was continuing. Well, one clue is...it's Tuesday. And, as heroic readers of this extraordinary blog know - every tuesday is shrove tuesday for us. Well, if not pancake day, it's french toast day. At The Station restaurant in Cowansville.

I barely slept last night, for the howling outside and the dread that the storm would keep us from our french toast, with bananas and stawberries, and bacon, at the Station. And certainly when we woke up to two feet on the ground and more falling - sideways - it seemed unlikely and even unwise - to leave the property. But a call to Tony, and Michael suiting up, fixed the problem.

Nothing would keep us from our goal. Indeed, on the drive to cowansville, we wondered if that's what propelled the pioneers. Did someone whisper in their ears....'There's French Toast in California.'? Is that what motivated Lewis and Clark? The Franklin Expedition?

It sure motivated us. And wow, did it taste great after an hour of digging. Came home, lit the fire, fried up a couple cafe au laits and got back to editing. Fed the birds. Took Trudy out. snowed all day long. And heaven knows what we'll find tomorrow.

Had a great email from Linda in Scotland - Glascow actually - with a photo of her children, jennifer and Christopher - her husband Kevin and her snowman. In Glascow. Scotland!!! Here's an excerpt from her letter...

Thought for fun I'd send you one I took over the weekend of our back garden and one of a snowman Kevin made with the kids, the snowman has been part buried in a fresh fall of snow yesterday we had another foot or so of snow on top of what we already had, it, for some reason took the Scottish government by surprise and the whole road network in and around Scotland came to a total standstill, it's all over the news here, hundreds of motorists were trapped in their cars overnight on the untreated motorways, there were stories of car drivers being stuck in vehicles for up to 12 or so hours, can you imagine! Kevin spent 3 hours in the car trying to get back from work last night (this journey normally takes around 30 minutes) but we consider him lucky to get home. His work closed today as did all schools. Our day time temperature was -14 today) the temperature is supposed to rise on Friday and Saturday to above freezing (this will be considered tropical) but it's to drop down again next week with yet more bad weather forecast. Just hoping to get out for some supplies soon. Christopher asked me today if we are running out of sweets, he has is priorities sorted!

Sure makes what we're going through seem easy. And it is. Sure makes a difference when we don't have to go out for work. Only for French Toast.

More editing tomorrow...but it's moving along nicely, thank you.


LJ Roberts said...

For french toast, with bananas and stawberries, and bacon any amount of effort would be worthwhile. Oh my, that sounds good!

lil Gluckstern said...

Brrrr, although the sustenance definitely sounds warming. I love the juxtaposition of your picture with "your" car next to all that snow. Stay warm.

Linda said...

Re-reading the Cruelest Month; interesting, knowing now some things I didn't know the first time around. A whole 'nother reading experience! Your books are so deep, Louise. That's one of the things I love about them. Keep warm and safe.
-Linda, in (so far) snowless so.NH

Donna K Wisc. said...

I don't get it. I thought you two could afford a garage by now.Maybe after your next novel???? (smirking)

I can see you on a mountain rescue team in winter. Oh yeah, just promise them a great breakfast and they'll get to the top in no time..just follow the drooling.the rest of you can rest easy..

Jealous of your blizzard...no snow here yet. Donna K

Dana said...

Linda, after you re-read try to audio version. It is another great experience.
I am a fan of heated garages. Great for melting all the ice and slush of your cars in Quebec - just get a really big drain in the floor.
One Christmas we drove to the Townships for Christmas and amassed so much ice around the wheels that it took three days to melt away.

jimchatt725 said...

I love it that you are such a fan of french toast! I am a devoted fan of this wonderful breakfast food. It is my favorite comfort food. And I believe it probably it would motivate me to go almost anywhere I could get it served with real maple syrup.