Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Raspberries, peas and hollyhocks. Oh my.

misty, foggy, humid this morning - now sunny and hot temps 28

Well, while we were away in NYC the garden went nuts! Happily corralled by Lise and Donna. But all the flowers have exploded into bloom. It's fantastic. The clematis all over the birdhouse, the climbing roses in full bloom. And as I walked Trudy around the pond I noticed raspberries! I wasn't prepared, no bowl, but we got a handful (between mouthfuls - I blame Trudy, dreadful influence).

I adore hollyhocks, and their spires are in full and magnificent bloom.

So lovely to walk first thing in the morning, especially when it's misty. Everything smells so sweet, and a different aroma with each step. Some sweet, some musky.

the phlox are out! I think they're my favorite summer flower - perhaps even eclipsing peony. Lovely little blossoms, but mostly it's the fragrance. Reminds me of childhood summers by the lake.

After breakfast Michael and I sat on the screen porch, sharing the table, each with our laptops...working on our books. He's still at it. Amazing. I stopped about 3pm. Again, more editing than I expected - but more fine tuning. there will be at least one more draft, I know, before anyone gets to see it. I hope to finish this one - the third draft - by the end of next week. Might take the weekend off...then head right back to the fourth draft. Hoping to have it all finished by the time we head to Stratford and British Columbia.

Oh, we've made reservations to go to London in November. Meet with the new publishers and editor again, have lunch with agent Teresa - but mostly...have fun after a very long tour!! Have rented a flat on Basil Street in Knightsbridge, right behind Harrods and around the corner from Harvey Nichols (aka Harvey Nics)

Can hardly wait!!!

but for now, how wonderful to sit on the porch, look out at the magnificent garden, thanks to Lise and Donna, and write with Michael. Bliss.


Alyce Kay said...

Let's see pictures of the beautiful flower garden.

Reen said...

When you were a child - do you recall - making little girl figures with hollyhock blossoms?

Leslie Angel said...

also, when you were a child, did you make fairy rings or necklaces by linking the phlox blossoms? Agree with you--the scent of phlox is the scent of childhood.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Alyce, I'd put up photos if a) I could figure out how
b) it took only one step. More than one step and it drops off the agenda.

Reen - no! Will have to look at the hollyhock and figure out how...perhaps lise knows. She knows everything!

Hi Leslie - what a disappointing childhood I did I miss all these things? a phlox necklace...wonderful