Monday, 19 July 2010


rainy, cool, temps 19

We actually had the fireplace on! Didn't actually need it, except as atmosphere. So typical of a Canadian summer, though I think this one has had more wild temperature swings than usual.

When I title this post Housekeeping - I don't, of course, mean it literally. Poor Pat and Deanna - when they come to clean they'll sometimes ask about an attachment for the central vac and I just look blank. Never used it. But I do do laundry. And cook. Sort of. I mean really more like bits and pieces of publishing housekeeping.

Spent most of the day on the edit of book 7. Slow going - but I'm liking it, a lot. Only up to page 70 of 245. But added a thousand words or so today...and adjusted quite a few too. Then needed to do some mailings, some books and cards. Replying to emails too...and a critique...and a web interview.

Then re-jigged the home page for the website. Wanting to put the emphasis on BURY YOUR DEAD.

And finally, I selected the winners of the Facebook draw for the arc of bury your dead.

Tomorrow we get up at 5am to get the car in to VW. More small things that need to be done. Have a 7am appointment - takes about an hour and a half to get there. While they work on the car we'll take a loaner to Hovey for breakfast. Then pick up the beetle and head to Granby for coffee with friends. Then home by 1pm, I hope.

And, for the rest of the week, sweet nothing...

Hope you're well. Speak tomorrow.


Diane said...

I, for one, am very pleased you don't spend most of your time cooking and cleaning. What you happen to us - much less of Gamache et al, horrid.

Aimee said...

And just think, a few weeks ago it was as hot there as it is here in the DC Metro area. I'm glad you've gotten some relief from it - I know you're not used to extended bouts of high, high temperatures.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Diane and Aimee -

Quite right - I'm a slave to my art. (that makes me feel better about the vacuum.)

And yes, Aimee - it sure feels great to get some sleep. We don't have air conditioning here.