Saturday, 10 July 2010

You will not blog today, nor will you buy a pretzel...

overcast, humid, storms threatening, temps 85

It's quite sticky, but not too bad at all! Having a great time here...slept like a log. Didn't set the alarm. Can't remember the last time we didn't set the alarm and didn't wake up with a stinky, moist, disgusting fluffy chew toy in our faces. Can't say we miss it, at least, not for a few days.

Rolled out of bed around 8am - showered - then headed around the corner to a place called Friend of the Farmer, on irving place. Sat outside with coffees and had omelets and sausages and toast. Before leaving we watched the Today show and saw this band of storms moving toward NYC etc. forecasting torrential downpours and thunder and lightening. But aside from a few sprinkles, nothing has happened.

On our way back we walked up and down the street fair on Park Avenue. Blocks and blocks around Union Square were closed and there were kiosks selling doughnuts and roasted corn and jewelry and hats. Got Michael a new hat. We each had a psychic reading. Apparently we'll both live into our 90's. According to her, I was married before, have two children and while I have a smile on my face my heart is aching. At least she knew I was a tall woman. But even that might not have been clear to her.

Michael had a job he worked hard at and is good at helping people. He is often hungry before eating, and tired before going to bed. (I added that last part, to help the psychic out).

I bought a sundress and a shawl, and a hand stitched (apparently) coat.

Then got a NY Times and headed back for an ice tea at the hotel.

Then we changed...Michael to have a rest and I slipped into my new sundress for lunch at the Union Square Cafe - to celebrate my friend Dan's birthday. We shared a started of calamari, then we each had grilled steak salad with arugula and mushrooms. And the waiter brought Dan out a lemon tart with a candle. I started to sing happy birthday but the look of torment on Dan's face made me stop.

We parted after lunch and I walked back to the hotel, past the street fair. God, I'm loving this city. A bit of a mess - but so alive. Jazz to London's symphony. Each magical, but totally different. Bought Michael a pretzel - one of the giant ones from a street vendor. all warm and soft and salted. Arrived back to a very hungry guy whose eyes fixed on the pretzel...I could have hypnotized him with it.

I believe the psychic would have divined that he wanted it. Actually, I think she'd have said he didn't.

He took it and while I poured us some diet coke he sat up in bed and munched away...the new york skyline beside him out the window.

Off for a Lebanese dinner tonight. Yum. Then flying back to Burlington and driving up to Montreal tomorrow. Hoping to start the third draft of book 7 on Monday.


Nikki B said...

Love your blogs Louise! Good thing you went to the psychic so you knew to get Michael the pretzel...
Maybe your heart is aching because you didn't know you had 2 children?? Hmmm..

Wish I could have made it to Thrillerfest -- hoping for next year!


Reen said...

Oh god- so funny. Just started to read the bit about '... a stinky, moist, disgusting fluffy chew toy in our faces,' when Kendall ran over and pushed the control stick on my wheelchair, making it slam into my desk. When he knew he had my full attention he dumped '... a stinky, moist, disgusting fluffy chew toy' on my lap! Well he can forget about visiting Heidi and just swim in our not-so-luxurious pool today.

pamela said...

So great to read your comments on New York; one of my favourite cities in the world. Last trip in1997 (6 in total from Oz which is quite ajourney!!) Can't help but envy your proximity. And yes, I agree there are no pretzels to compare as well as the bagels. NYC, cholesterol capital of the world!!! Px

Candy said...

Louise, you are so funny. Also, you've sold me on New York City. Jim and I've never been there except to make connecting flights. Now I'm going to add it to our list of places that we will go.

Jodi Kaplan said...


That image of Michael hypnotized by the pretzel is very funny.

Let's hope the psychic is right about the long life part (even if she failed on everything else).

Your mention of Friend of a Farmer made me smile. I worked in that area long ago, and we'd regularly go there for lunch. Hope it's still good!

Don't forget to get a milkshake at the Shake Shack (aka Shake Shake) at Madison Square Park.

lil Gluckstern said...

Oh Louise, Not psychic, not smart, but I hope she is right about a long life. What's funny is a lot of your so-called idiotic ideas work out great. Life is hard so we work for a maximum of pleasure, whether it be a pretzel or a studio flat! You are a lovely lady...

Robin Agnew said...

Well, Louise, I see you could only sleep until 8 so you could get to the sausages at breakfast! Sounds like a yummy trip.

Louise Penny Author said...

Ha, love reading your comments...about the fluffy dog toys, about racing to the restuarant for fear someone else would eat the LAST sausage (God Robin, you know us too well!!), working at Friend of A Farmer, and loved your comments about the psychic.

I mean, really - what are the chances a woman in a lawn chair at a street fair in NYC wouldn't really be a psychic? Go figure.