Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Only a brother!

sweltering, stiffling, sizzling - temps, a gazillion, celcius

OK, more like 33...but wretched enough. Although, it is also wonderful. Hard to complain too much when we also had minus gazillion in the winter. And as someone mentioned, humorously, in the comments - people with a pool lose the right to complain in a heat wave. Can't say I disagree with that! loved hearing that the NY times ran photos of the blizzard.

Did a load of laundry anticipation of NYC and having to change every hour. Drove to Richford to mail a couple of books. Stopped at Alban Houle's fruit and vegetable store on the way back, for watermelon. I love watermelon, and this seemed the day. But seems I wasn't the only one with that idea. They were out. But Alban let me sample the honey dew melon. Oh. My. Gooood.

Better than guess what we have dripping down our chins now.

The flagstones scorch our feet - we 'yip' our way across them on our way to the grass.

Heading to New York tomorrow...staying at the W. Love that hotel. We're going to the St Martin's/Minotaur cocktail at Thrillerfest. I'm not actually going to Thrillerfest...a convention for readers and writers of thrillers. But fun to be asked to go to the cocktail. Then we're going out for dinner with my editor, Hope Dellon. She's wonderful. Someone I'd choose as a friend...can't say that about everyone.

Will try to blog from NY.

Received a hilarious birthday card today from my older brother, Rob. It showed a bowl of fruit and a man mooning. It said, Still Life with Butt Crack.

Only a brother...


bgpringle said...

Still so hot, but as I have a pool I will not complain, but will say that it's hard to keep the water cool - it's up to 87F and not so refreshing, BUT I'm not complaining. Stay cool folks.

Nikki B said...

So is he saying that should be the title of your next book?

Reen said...

Oh! It was 103°F in New York City! Nevermind.

Candy said...

Ha, ha! Go Rob!

It's 103 degrees F here in the desert.

Have a wonderful trip!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

ha - if a subsequent book is called Butt Crack you'll know who's responsible. Honestly, brothers! this is the brother who is deputy minister of transportation in Saskatchewan, and can't seen to flush a toilet. I saw this because he and his wife are on vacation in Spain and won't read the comment. Shhhh.