Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Peas and Broc and lilies

Mainly sunny, hot, clouding over now - temps 29, but dropping

Storms in the forecast. Lise and Del and Donna and two swarthy youths spent the day here getting the gardens ready for the garden party Saturday. All our energy (well, some) is going toward praying for sun. 150 people expected for afternoon tea - silent auction - spca fundraiser.

The gardens, thanks to My Assistant Lise, always looks fabulous - but they look even better now. We have friends coming down from the city for the weekend - Sharman Yarnell and her husband Walter. Made dinner reservations for us all Saturday night. I think we'll get too tired to cook.

Spent today working on the newsletter, and zipped across to Richford, VT, to mail some packages and get gas. Did errands in Sutton, including picking up our printed and bound manuscripts...very fun to see them. Will take them with us when we go away.

Our vegetable gardens are producing a great harvest, thanks to Donna. Broccoli and peas. Yum. And we have these massive lilies - oriental and fragrant....we've cut them and now they're all over the house.

Such a relief to not be editing/writing now - I can concentrate on other things....

It's cooling off. As I mentioned, storms are rolling in. We need some rain, and it'll make for good sleeping weather.

Cheryl coming by tomorrow about 3:30 for a swim and a visit. that's the hardest part of all this - keeping in touch with friends. When I have the time I have so little energy I just want to crawl in to bed. Fortunately my friends are all very understanding and supportive of my career and don't make me feel guilty! Thank heaven.

Must be off. Called the neighbours to warn them about the party...they didn't seem concerned that the tea and garden party was likely to turn into a riot. We'll just see about that.


Silverdunes said...

Oriental lilies; Stargazers, Starfighter, Tiber....all sweet fragrances, treasured moments from our gardens. Wishing you a great sunny day for your afternoon tea.

Marjorie said...

How very generous of you and Michael to open your home like that. I wonder what Trudy will make of all the humans showing up? I wish I could drop by and grab a basketful of broccoli from you!

--Marjorie from CT

Shelagh, from Michigan said...

Wishing you well for the SPCA fundraiser, and a sunny day, too.

In the current (7/28) issue of ALA American Libraries Direct, the featured crime review is... "Bury Your Dead", and part of the review reads "Penny's first five have all been outstanding, but her latest is the best yet..."! Yay American Libraries, and librarians if you do not have the first five please buy them now!! Your patrons will thank you.

Jodi said...

Forecast for Saturday here is perfect (82/28) and sunny. I'll huff and puff and try to blow it north. ;-)

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thank you for the good energy, and hot air, blowing fab weather our way! And Shelagh, thank you for passing on the terrific news about the Bury Your Dead review in the ALA journal. Yay!