Thursday, 22 July 2010

SPCA Tea Time

rainy, clearing, sunny and mild, temps 20

A little on the cool side - but great sleeping weather. Awoke in the middle of the night by a deafening clap of thunder...the whole house shook. But only the one. Odd.

Michael and I treated ourselves to breakfast in Cowansville - then to the stationary store, the post office, the bank. then off to Brome Lake Books to drop something off for Lise. and to say hi to the fabulous Danny and Lucy. Then home.

We got back by noon, played with Trudy for a while - then got down to work. Set a goal of 30 pages edited today, and just finished. Started off quickly - 10 pages in half an hour...then took an hour and a half to do another ten pages. Often the fine-tuning takes the longest...I know something's slightly off, but not sure what. Often it's just a word here or there, or a sentence in the wrong place.

Now I have a few interviews to complete, and prepare for, and many emails to return. As usual. Oh, and I almost forgot! I need to write my post for tomorrow's Lipstick Chronicles. Yikes - almost forgot.

But as you see, the title of this blog is the SPCA Tea Time. It's coming up next Saturday, July 31st - Michael and I are hosting it here. Among other things, there's a silent Auction - including an ARC of Bury Your Dead. One of the organizers is dropping by later this afternoon with some of the auction items, to put in our dining room.

I know many of you reading this live in the area, or in Montreal, and you might be interested in coming...the more the merrier...and it all raises money for the SPCA. If you'd like to come to the afternoon tea - just get in touch with Brome Lake Books...Danny and Lucy have tickets. And it's tax deductible. Their phone number is: 450-242-2242.

I'll be mentioning this again, as it gets closer. Hope you can come! Though I know many of you support your local no-kill shelters. Excellent.

Speak to you tomorrow!


Reine said...

I adore the little SPCA card that looks like a little bouquet of flowers. Discovered thanks to Lise - and you - of course.

Best on your interview for the interview. Food. Yes. That will work.

Dana said...

I don't believe my bad luck. My daughter, her two little ones, and I were at the Lake Brome books at 12:30 to replenish our Three Pines mug supply and pick up some English language children's books. If only we had not stopped on the shore of \Lake Brome for a picnic lunch. That would have fulfilled my dream of meeting you - and Michael - someday
We also managed two vineyard stops, so the day was fun for all.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Reine - your good wishes must have worked. apparently I can speak french! It's a miracle...

Hi Dana - oh, that is unfortunate! But sure sounds, as you say, like a fun day! I'm certain our paths will cross one fine day.