Sunday, 4 July 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

partly cloudy, mixed day - warm - temps 25

Supposed to get up to about 30 degrees and sunny, but so far a little changeable.

For those of you in the States, hope you're having a wonderful July 4th. Our day so far has been terrific. Got up early for an 8am breakfast with the people in charge of the community radio station, CIDI. David, maurice, Michael, Kate, Doug and I met to discuss a new literary contest they're starting. Very exciting. Won't tell you about it's up to them to announce it...but how kind they are to ask my advice. And fun to sit over breakfast at Chez Guy in Knowlton and debate and discuss literary contests.

Now sitting at home, with a cafe au lait, social teas and Star Wars part 3 on the DVD.

Yesterday was lovely - Michael and I had breakfast with Joan and Cheryl and Gary. Then home for swimming, and laundry on the line. Warm and sunny.

Last night, after the meeting, we sat on the porch while Michael BBQ'd spare ribs. It was a perfect evening. Warm, calm. Fragrant. An evening to just sigh and wonder at our good fortune.

And today? Just relaxation.

Oh, and thanks to Richard, Marjorie and others, I now have the addresses. Thank you!!! Will let the agents take it from here. But I will absolutely let you know when and if there's news. A long process, as we all know. But fun. it really is terrific to know that we're a team...and you are such a helpful and generous part of it.

Thank you.


PolioQuad said...

Glad you get to relax! Myself-istening to k.d. do Leonard Cohen and getting ready for fireworks on the Charles.

Dana said...

Hi Louise,
Sounds like a lovely weekend. My daughter took her two little ones and a guest from Alberta on tour through the Eastern Townships. First the wine route and a stop at your Lac Brome bookstore, and yesterday - for a change of pace-the Canada Day parade in Bury. The souveniers going bak to Alberta include a bottle of ice wine and Still Life.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi PolioQuad,

Isn't KD doing Leonard - especially Hallelujah.
wow! I imagine the fireworks were glorious!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Dana,

Oh, what fun!!! Hope they got to meet the amazing Danny and Lucy. And bet the Canada Day parade was like nothing they've seen before. LOVE the village celebrations. they can be a little ragged - but filled with delight. Hope you enjoyed July 4th!