Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The best office in the world!

heavy mist, then lovely sunny and warm. temps 26

Turned onto a glorious day. Sunny and warm - just got out of the pool. Pretty tired, but very happy. We got up just before 5am - fed and walked Trudy, then hopped in the baby blue beetle, to drive to Sherbrooke for a 7am appointment with the dealership to fix a couple of things. Again. We hope this is it. Love the car - just adore it. But this hobby of going to the dealership is getting a little wearisome.

Still, the pay-off (and it isn't trivial) is that we get to go to Hovey manor for breakfast while we wait! Which is exactly what we did.

But I have to tell you that our drive to Sherbrooke this morning was stunning. All misty through the mountains and forests. Breath-taking. Got there about 6:45. Got a rental...and headed to Hovey. Arrived there about 15 minutes before the breakfast started, but they know us so well, they let us in early for coffee and croissants, cheese and granola, and this wonderful fruit compote.

The dining room has a bank of french doors looking out over the rose garden, then the lake beyond. Magical.

then we ordered breakfast and decided to go with the chef's 'inspiration' - two poached eggs on a bed of broccoli and smoked ham and covered in bechemel sauce. Dear Lord - it was as wonderful as it sounds.

Headed back to get the car and drove, with the top down, an hour and a half to Granby to meet with two friends, one of whom is quite ill. Had a marvelous lunch together.

As the day progressed I checked the email on my blackberry with mounting horror as more and more messages poured in, all of which needed replies and many of them not simple replies! Finally got home about 4pm and have spent the last two hours getting the business taken care of.

if there's been a shock about life as an author, it's the amount of 'paper work'...all the ancillary work. Still - better than no one caring or noticing. But it gets a little overwhelming at times. Thank God for Lise who got forwarded at least two of the more hefty requests.

It's a beautiful evening. Am off to fire up the barbeque - prepare two books to be mailed - announce the Facebook winners. Turn the corn on the cob on. I'll tell you - this makes a pretty spectacular office!


Reen said...

Ah the manor! Woke up at 3:00 this morning to thunder and lightning and winds- having a hugely bad dream I was at the 'Manoir Bellechasse' under mmmm... not the most pleasant circumstances! It probably didn't help that my night-time breathing assist went out with the electricity- so I won't blame you. Must read your books earlier in the day and only on days when thunderstorms are unexpected!

Marjorie said...

"Turn the corn on the cob on."

Oh, Louise that made me laugh. Did you dance sensuously in front of the corn or did you bat your eyelashes and say flirtatious things to it? Tee hee.

Hovey sounds completely heavenly. I am glad you got to have your breakfast there.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Anonymous said...

Louise, I think you should write a food book, you describe your meals so sumptuously. Makes me drool. Mary from Keswick ON

Jill said...

I concur with Mary, you need to write a food book. Your breakfast had me drooling as well. It was tortuous for someone watching her weight after an indulgent vacation.

Email is both my friend and foe. The volume of emails is staggering; on the other hand, those magic hellos from an old friend are worth the 100's I have to siphon through.

Jill in Texas

lil Gluckstern said...

What a beautiful office, and what beautiful countryside. I try not to drool on your books when I read about the meals, and my keyboard while I read the blog. How wonderful that you have so much appreciation for so much in your life.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Reen - oh dear...life imitating the book! But think of yourself as Reine-Marie, safe in Armand's arms.

And to Lil, Jill, Anon and Marjorie...perhaps part cookbook and part porn. It is true - I did turn the corn on. Reminds me of the great Johnny Carson line when Arnold Palmer's wife was being interviewed and she described kissing his balls before a big tournament, and he replied, 'Bet that made his putter stand on end.'