Friday, 13 March 2009

a writers voice

sunny, cold, frost on the ground, temps minus 5

Michael took the dogs out after breakfast for a walk, and for the first time this winter Maggie made it all the way around the pond! So did Trudy, but that's not much of a surprise. But without the snow it's possible for maggie. Then, around noon, I took them out again and again we went around.

Despite it being colder today it still smells of spring. Beautiful.

Lots of work. Wrote the book (or at least part of it) this morning. Then replied to messages, sent off some correspondence snail mail. And did some scheduling for next week. We need to re-do some of the narration I'd done for a film on literacy...apparently some of the script wasn't right. So we're doing that next Wednesday afternoon. Then on Thursday I'm driving in to Montreal for a couple of hours to record the CBC Radio pilot. Then out in time to meet with Lise about a fun new project...but can't tell you about it yet. Not til we (lise) works some things out. Thank God for Lise!

Still battling away on the permissions...always a pain you-know-where, but worth it. The problem is never actually getting the permission to use the poem, but to track down who holds them.

Must run - need to write Curtis Brown in London. Be well.

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