Thursday, 12 March 2009

Freudian slips

overcast, windy, cold temps minus 5

Feels like a late november day. Looks like it too. We've lost most of our snow, so the field is a patchwork of white and gray/green. I initially wrote 'shite' instead of white...wonder what Humble Pie (the old tart) would say to that? But it is true...there is a fair amount of that about too.

Another good, quiet day. Wrote this morning - almost 2,000 words. Stopped at a natural break, and where I know what to do next. I think. I find that often changes as I walk through the rest of the day and let my mind see the action ahead. happily I've learned over the course of 5 books that I can always change it. And will change it. So I no longer worry about trying things...seeing where they go. Often I get rid of the whole things - except one turn of phrase. And it's worth it, for a well turned phrase.

Did my 20 minutes on the torture device - it's possible this isn't helping my motivation. However, must say I'm feeling more toned. Buff. Kind of.

Then spent an hour or so replying to emails and chasing down a permission for book 5 - THE BRUTAL TELLING. Lise, my terrific (though fragile) assistant, does all the permissions for poetry, but this one comes from a friend and I wanted to contact him myself. A terrific Canadian poet named Mike Freeman.

Now we're off to Sutton for a late lunch and some errands. Need to also get in touch we some people about the menu for Michael's party...and do a few other things. Always a reason to get out of bed in the morning...and always a good reason to crawl back in.

Hope you're having a day that gives you pleasure.


Barb said...

First off, my gosh, Michael's menu does sound outrageously delish, and as soon as I read "warm pear" I thought of the bistro, BUT also thought of the Inn in A Rule Against Murder.

I was on my treadmill yesterday and today will be the recumbant bike. Luckily I can read while I do those things.

It made me happy that a new book is ready to go, and one on the way. I should tell you that the members of our group who are reading "you" now for the group read are just blown away. :-)

Our dishwasher called it quits a week ago and I'm hoping the new one will arrive in a day or two. We seem to have a way of jinxing dishwashers for some reason...


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Barb,

I agree about the similarities between the menu and something we'd get at Olivier's bistro. Perhaps that's why we were drawn to it. Hope the calories are equally fictional!

sorry about your dishwasher. Just put ours on - don't run it often (just the two of us) but great to have!

Thank you for such a lovely, supportive, message. Keep up the exercising - you're an inspiration.

Lee Ann said...

Did I mention that we replaced our dishwasher last week? Kolbe the dog seems to have taken it well--he was back licking the dirty dishes in no time. I was afraid that he'd be upset by the lack of familiar smells but apparently dishwasher, any dishwasher, means "party" in his little doggy mind!

Lee Ann

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lee Ann,

You're hilarious! I can just see Kolbe bellied up to the bar. It must be great to have a brand new one.

Barb said...

How funny, Lee Ann! Our two dogs do 'dishwashing duty' every day, and have noticed the shortage of work for them... They will lick any plate, even one that looks bare to me, but apparently has enough smell left on it that it's indeed party time in doggyland.