Wednesday, 25 March 2009


sunny, mild, temps plus 6

Stunning day. Took Trudy around the pond. Ice still on it, but last of snow melting, just hanging on in the shade. Ice at the slightly dangerous stage where you might fall through if you walk on it. Trying not to let the tennis ball bounce onto the ice and have Trudy go after it! She did a few days ago, and made it, but not so sure now. so we don't throw it in that area anymore.

Lots of writing today.

Had a nightmare last night. A Mummy was chasing me. Let me guess what that might mean...

The permissions have all been figured out - just one more cheque to write and need to get wording to the editors. Will do that this afternoon. Sending off Jpeg etc for an event at a Barnes and Noble in Annapolis in early May. If you live in the area love to see you there.

Feeling a little overwhelmed. Have realized if I don't keep on top of everything, everyday I can get so far behind. And just when I think I have done it all, another five requests come in. I bet that sounds familiar. The human condition these days. I need, sometimes, to stop and realize this is all good. Lots of details, but it means I'm involved in life, filling my days with things I'm passionate about. How great is that? And yet, some days, I can just see it as chores.

Life is perception - at least, mine is.

Hope your perception is sunny and warm and cheery. And optomistic.


Lee Ann said...

Oh Annapolis! I can come there . . and I'd probably be bringing a party of friends too since I've managed to get a number of people to read your books.

And gosh, maybe spring will actually come by then since today it is chilly and grey and about to rain. We need the sun!

Lee Ann

Rebecca Rose said...

Dear Louise,
You're so right about perception. Remember, you can only do one thing at a time. The important thing is that the good moments when you're really enjoying yourself are more frequent than the times you feel like you're doing chores.

Best wishes,
Rebecca Rose

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lee Ann,

Oh, that would be wonderful! To see you again. The details will be up on the website soon - but I'll try to get them onto the blog tomorrow. The fun thing is that there'll be 5 other authors - wonderful womeny mystery writers including GM Maillet, Rhys Bowen, Mary Jane Maffini and lots more. It would be great if you and your gang could come.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Rebecca Rose,

Quite right. The good WAY out weights the 'wanna run shrieking down the street' moments. Thank you.

Cece said...

I needed this perception adjustment message today-I felt as if I was overburdened with...planning our only daughter's wedding! A joyful occasion, no? But it was starting to feel like a slog and a trial. So I sat back, refocused, considered how many people I am helping stay in business in this economy-venue, caterer, florist, seamstress, ribbon manufacturer, candle company (hehehehe)and felt good about it again!

Kerrie said...

Louise I thought I'd let you know that I am running a competition of sorts on my blog. As a prize I am sending the winner a copy of THE CRUELLEST MONTH.
My blog posting is at if you want to tell your readers about it.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Cece,

Wonderful comment! but I know what you mean about planning a wedding - VERY easy to forget what a joy it is to slog through a million details - never mind writing the cheques. But important. Thanks for the inspiration.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Kerrie,

Wonderful idea - and terrific blog site...just visited. Thanks for the great reviews of my books. And fun to know you're in Australia. I'm presuming you're not giving away your only copy of my book because only a demented person (or my brothers) would do that!

I read your comment too late for today's (fri) blog - but will try to remember to mention it in tomorrow's (have made a note, but the brain seems full these days and no new info makes an impact).

Thanks for starting your give-aways with The Cruellest Month! I'm delighted.