Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Michael's Menu

Rainy at first, then mainly sunny and very mild, temps plus 4

A little dreary this morning, then cleared up. Now very windy and mushy underfoot. The biologists from the government arrived today to make sure the land we're donating to a park really does exist. It does. Spent the day yesterday running around doing chores. Had a great time with Lise running over ideas. Then off to Knowlton and the cafĂ© floral to plan Michael’s 75th birthday menu. Here it is:

Starter: Warm pear, chevre, walnut and baby spinach salad

Main course: Filet Mignon with blue cheese sauce
or Magret de Canard with honey, orange and tea sauce
or Oven roasted maple marinated filet of Salmon
or Vegetarian Risotto

Dessert: frozen lemon cheesecake

Doesn’t that sound amazing??? Thank God for restaurants because I couldn’t begin to make those. I think most of this menu must go into Olivier’s Bistro, don’t you? Again, blurring the lines between fact and fiction.

Had a good day writing today and replying to messages. Take good care of yourself. Quiet day tomorrow, just writing. LOVE those days. Need those days.


Bobbie said...

Indeed, it does sound amazing! And thank goodness for restaurants, I can't even imagine anyone but Olivier's Bistro cooking these! :)
Yes, Fact and Fiction intertwine perfectly sometimes, don't they.

Yes, please have good days writing...I just finished re-reading Still Life, after having read the others, and it's wonderful to see again how Three Pines all started. And will be wonderful to see the newest! :)

Louise, your radio program sounds frabjous, wish I could get it here in the cornfields of Illinois. Will there be recordings that a USA resident can hear or will it be on the web somehow later? Just a thought, sounds like a terrific program and would love to hear it! And yes, still take time to write, that's very important to us readers. Yep, we want everything and expect you to do everything, ha.

Please excuse if this is the second or third time of this message, it isn't acting like it usually does...sigh....

Have a great evening,

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Bobbie,

Thanks for persevering! Yes, seems to be teething. If CBC goes with the summer show I'm certain it will be on the web. Will let you know. Might even by syndicated to NPR etc - who knows.

Tammy said...

LEMON CHEESECAKE.....see if you can get recipes from those restaurants!!! This is something I must know how to two favorites in one.

Tammy in MO

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Tammy,

I promise to ask! Might put it on my next newsletter.