Saturday, 14 March 2009

Old Dog, New Sicks

Sunny, mild, temps minus 2

Beautiful day - again, feels and smells like spring.

maggie poorly again this morning. Didn't eat her breakfast, went outside but didn't want to go far...then this afternoon she didn't move at all. We finally coaxed her outside, but she didn't do anything, and we had to carry her in.

If she's like this tomorrow morning we'll call the vet. They're closed weekends but are wonderful and have an emergency number they respond to in minutes.

We're thinking this might be a result of taking her twice around the pond yesterday. I probably shouldn't have taken her that second time. It might have been too much. Hope it's just that and she simply needs a day to recover. But it's scary. We go in to the kitchen and lie down beside her, stroke her and tell her what a good girl she is. Every now and then her tail thumps.

No dinner tonight, but she did take a little water an hour ago.

One thing I do know - she's in good hands. Not ours - who are fumbling and bumbling and filled with more care than sense - but hands that look after, and over, sick animals. Hands more sure than ours.

But, don't want to think the worst. God knows, Maggie's had us expecting the worst for 6 months, and always appears bright and eager next morning, or eventually. I'm sure she will again.

I'll give you an update tomorrow. Be well.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about Maggie not feeling well. How hard it can be when our beloved creatures suffer! I wish you -and Maggie too - consolation, healing, strength, fortitude....

Melody G

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Emlody,

Thank you so much. It's now about 5 am - Michael and I got up to see how she is. She seems worse, but still managed a tail wag. We told her we love her, and stroked her, and will wait a couple of hours then call the vet. There's a terrific vet hospital - a teaching hospital - in St-Hyacythe - about an hour and half away. Might need to take her there.

I'm wondering if it's kidney failure. Dr Penny, on the case again!