Thursday, 19 March 2009


overcast, cool, temps plus 3

Breezy and damp today. Not actually raining but that cold that settles into the bones. It's about 3pm now - I'm just back from Montreal. Had to do a quick trip to the dentist then into CBC for the pilot. They've done a splendid job! I think what the produicers have done is brilliant - and sure made my job as host easy. Sadly, as I've mentioned, CBC is facing huge budget cuts and this would be more expensive than getting a staff announcer to spin disks. But, we'll see.

Michael and I were approached by the Crime Writer's Association in the UK to sponsor this year's John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger - given out to Best First Crime Novel in the UK. It's an award I won a few years ago for Still Life. It didn't take much thought. We said yes. I'll tell you, there is such a mountain of indebtedness following me it sure feels good to pay back some of it, especially to a crime writer just starting out. I know how it feels.

Lise is coming by this afternoon for a meeting of our military-industrial complex. Pretty much to discuss mugs and taxes.

Then off to the guest cottage for dinner with Linda, Bal and Bethany. Bethany's written another story and asked me to read it out loud to everyone over dinner here the other night. I got about halfway through (it's really surprisingly terrific)and realized I was a little tired, so asked if we could put off reading the rest until tonight. Looking forward to seeing what happens in her story.

She's 13 and writing stories - for fun. Remember those days? How wonderful. And she had great parents who encourage her, and given her their time.

Feel horrible for Natasha Richardson - and her family. Especially, of course, her sons. Terrible.

Tomorrow, just writing. Phew.


Anonymous said...

Natasha Richardson - Too sad for words - I am thinking of the 2 boys. They are so very young yet.
Having lost a son (he was 39 yrs, after a 2 day illness, I was reminded of my grandchildren's devastation and tears. My grandson was 11 yrs old. It did chance him in losing his Dad so young. The 2 boys are going to need a lot of love and understanding. Thank goodness they have excellent support from their Dad and Grandmother.
My prayers for them.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Anny,

Oh, now my heart goes out to you. I am sorry. This must strike so close to home. You understand. I might try, but can't really.