Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A full life

SUNNY, BREEZY, temps minus 8

We didn't get the terrible storm of the Northeast! Indeed, we got sunny skies...hough we are stillin Montreal so who knows what Sutto got. Quite a hit New Yor, Boston, etc took. Quite beautifrul though.

Quick blog...life suddenly got very buisy and trying to get my writing done...Michael's colonoscopy was perfect...all clear. Phew. Always a relief. But we have, as you might know, a pied a terre in Montreal...a small apartment we rent. And last year everything seemed to go downhill. No hot water for weeks on end...then no het in November. Calls to the management company went unanswered. Felt like we were all under seige. We're very lucky because this isn't our full-time home, but people who have nowhere else to go were beside themselves.

And today we all got notice of a rent increase!

I was afraid this would happen, so on our way to breakfast and to pick up the registered letter I asked Michael how he felt about moving, and e discussed it...but only if there was an increase. When we saw that there was, combined with our concerns for how well the building is now managed...we decided to consider moving.

On our way back we pass an apartment building very close, steps really, to where we get breakfast, and a big movie theatre, grocery store, the subway, buses, and overlooking parkland too. We nipped in to talk to their rental people, and an hour later we came out, having all but rented a new place. Michael then had lunch with a friend, I got in some writing, and we returned to the 'new' apartment and saw it again and liked it even more. It's smaller than our current apartment - one bed, one bathroom instead of two bed, two bath. But we don't need, or use, two. It has a lovely view, a great balcony, parking, much cheaper rent, 24 hr dorrman and security, plus an exercise room on the top floor and an indoor pool up there. Gorgeous.

So, we just rented it!!! Yippee... move in in June. Of course, that will be some work...but we're thrilled. Very excited.

Need to run - more writing to do, expecting a phone call...and going to watch Tropic Thunder with Michael. We saw W last night. Loved it!

Speak tomorrow. I wonder if we can get an HGTV programme to come decorate our pied a terre??? I think not, since I believe they only do things in Toronto. Still...


Jo B. said...

You and Michael are unbelievable...go from having a difficult test to out looking for an apartment and then renting it. It's nice you found something you liked and close to restaurants and stores!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Jo B,

Yes, very lucky. I'm sure you know the feeling, that when something is right you just know it. And best to jump.