Sunday, 29 March 2009


rainy, cool, temps 3

Dreary day, but nice to sit by the fire and write. That's all I want to do now. And when I'm not writing I just want to sit in front of the television and veg out. Become mindless.

Yesterday was gorgeous, so Trudy and I went for a nice long walk through the forest, before I remembered about the bears. And the bear stick I'd left at home.

So we left. But this is a great time to walk through the woods - before the leaves come out and it's impassable.

A lovely Australian woman, Kerrie, is holding a draw for the UK version of THE CRUELLEST MONTH. If you're interested you might go to her blog at:

hope that works!

Had the best dinner with Susan at the cottage last night. Chicken curry. Yum!!! And she gave us a brioche loaf made by a baker in the village - which we ate most of this morning for breakfast. it was disgusting for anyone watching. Happily it was only Trudy and the birds.

Golf on TV this afternoon and a few phone calls I need to make. Still feeling behind, but not quite so frantic. Just need to keep up a steady pace. As long as the writing is going well, and it is, then the day is pretty well made. The rest pales.

But it also makes the blogs really, really dull since all I can think of is the book, the characters, who now seem more real than real people, and the action. I have no interest in the outside world. Thank God Michael's at the same stage with his book. We're happily oblivious hermits together.


Tammy said...

Good morning, Louise....I just finished A Rule Against Murder and think it's my favorite.....but one question.....and you can send this secretly ( as it may be a spoiler to someone else......WHAT IS BEAN? Male or Female? I'm just dying for this answer......(I'm just not normal to get so caught up in a fictional character!)

Tammy in MO

Barb said...

LOL, our book group has been asking each other this same question...

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Tammy and Barb,

Oh my, you're going to kill me. But I'm not going to give you that answer. You need to decide for yourselves. Sorry!!

Barb said...

Arrrrggghhh! OK, I'm not surprised at your answer, Louise.... sigh, maybe next time I have insomnia, I can while away the time trying to decide which sex I want little Bean to be...

Tammy said...

OK, if we MUST be kept in the dark.....Maybe little Bean will grow up and come to Three Pines and be in the middle of another story! Eh? We can only hope, right Barb?!!


Barb said...

Right, Tammy. :)