Monday, 30 January 2012

Dilys and Dorothy L

sunny, cold, temps minus 10

Very beautiful morning - am in Montreal and heading off for a taped interview with Shelagh Rogers of CBC Radio's The Next Chapter - a terrific national programme on all things literary. Love talking with Shelagh....who also happens to be a friend. So that always helps.

I'm actually declining all interviews and most work-related things - including reading books with a view to endorsing them - to try to do two sort of contradictory things...detach and relax and have fun with Michael and friends. but also, to allow for thoughts of the next book. I realize that I don't multi-task well. Like most people, I do it - but I am beginning to suspect what it means is that I do a mediocre job of many things instead of doing one or two things very well.

So now my priorities are: Michael and my personal life....and writing the next book.

Hard to do, honestly, without feeling willful and selfish. But am trying. I also know that there really is, as I've mentioned before, a season for everything. through the fall I plug into the greater that door....indeed, through the summer it creeps open. But now is the time to close it, and look after my own 'home'.

I imagine you know exactly what I'm talking about. Have to say - along those lines - we had a wonderful time at Hovey!! it was a great 'marriage' of relaxation and work. But the work was simply fun.

Michael and I talked (among other things) about one plot line for book 9, and then when Michael left, Susan and I talked about another plot line. I just love this part of the process. Creating....and inviting other ideas. And eating gourmet meals while we're at it.

have some wonderful news! A Trick of the Light has been shortlisted for the Dilys Award - voted on by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association for the book they most enjoyed selling in 2011! Here's the whole list...

Faithful Place, Tana French (Penguin)
Wicked Autumn, G.M. Malliet (Minotaur)
Tag Man, Archer Mayor (Minotaur)
A Trick of the Light, Louise Penny (Minotaur)
Ghost Hero, S.J. Rozan (Minotaur)

Congratulations to everyone!

And heard last night some more wonderful news!!! A Trick of the Light was voted the most popular book of 2011 at the very popular site, Dorothy L (which refers to the great Dorothy L Sayers). So pleased about that!!! And my friend Julia Spencer-Fleming was close behind with her wonderful book, One Was A Soldier.

You know, I hoped when I started writing to be published...I never dreamed one of the greatest joys would be all the amazing people I get to meet - and the friends I'd make.

Hope you had a fun weekend -


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Louise! Imagine, book #9. Each book is a gift.
Karen L.

lil Gluckstern said...

I predict more honors for "Trick" this year. Both your book and Julia's hit my "best of" list. I'm looking forward to Book #8, and you must spend your life the way you want it. I don't believe your short changing anyone.

Colombine said...

Congratulations Louise!
It's wonderful!

You're one of the best!

Anonymous said...

While scanning the reviews for Wicked Autumn, I read "recommended for fans of Louise Penny". I guess I better read that book soon. Bob, in Oak Park, California

K.B. Owen said...

How wonderful, Louise! Kudos! It's good that you're recognizing where you need to be mentally (and otherwise) at this point in time, and conserving your resources. And we'll all benefit in the long run! Happy Winter - Kathy

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog - discovered your books over Christmas - have gotten nothing done for the past four weeks - but I have read them all. Whew!! Wonderful books - please write faster!! Love Ruth's poetry - :)

colleen said...

Your book, a trick of the light cost 16 dollars for the kindle edition and $10.00 for a hardcover. This is ridiculous. I just started reading your books. Am on my second one. Will not buy anymore even at the $8.88 for ebook, out of protest for you allowing your greedy publishers to price your latest ebook at the above outrageous price.

colleen said...

I will protest wherever I can regarding your kindle ebook cost of $16.00 vs, hardcover cost of $10.00. Please, anyone reading this, make your voice heard. This kind of rip off by your publishers only promotes piracy of ebooks. I don't mind paying a reasonable price for your ebooks, but this latest attempt of greed makes it justifiable for piracy.

K.B. Owen said...

Jeepers, simmer down, Colleen. Louise doesn't set the price of her books. And the publisher isn't the only one that has a hand in how it's finally priced, either. The vendor has a lot to do with it.

I did a little research after reading your rant. At Barnes and Noble, the ebook is actually the CHEAPEST form of Trick of the Light, at $12.99, with the hardcover a dollar more (that's with my BN member discount). Amazon is selling the ebook for the same price as BN, but they have DISCOUNTED the hardback to $10. It was originally $25.99! What are you complaining about? Ever read Jesus' parable about the workers in the vineyard, who complained when the guys hired for only an hour got the same wage as they got, even though that was what they had originally agreed upon? Check Matthew 20: 1-16. It's the same thing here. Don't get mad about the ebook being the same price it's supposed to be when the hardback has been discounted.

Louise, I haven't bought Trick of the Light yet, because I want to finish the other novels first and read them in order, but I want to say that your work is fabulous, and you deserve every award you've received (and will receive, if things turn out at Malice the way I think they will). As a not-yet-published mystery writer, I understand the sweat equity, talent, and absolute pouring out of oneself onto the page that has to happen in order to produce such a body of work. You are worth - forgive me - every Penny. :)

God Bless,
Kathy Owen