Saturday, 7 January 2012


freezing rain warning - temps 2 degrees - right now just spitting

I know we should probably be glad it's so mild, but on a walk this morning I ran into a neighbour and the first thing we both said was, 'weird weather'. then, being Canadian, we discussed it for ten minutes then parted. But we were of a mind. We'd rather have snow. We'd rather have minus 10.

I remember reading somewhere - actually, it was in a play, I believe it was called "A Walk in the Park" - in which history was described as 'geography spread over time'. I loved that. I understood it, and believe it to be true. Mountains, lakes, oceans, deserts protect us, or make us vulnerable....but I think they also help define our characters.

Canadians are used to cold in winter....if I wanted it otherwise I'd move south. Just like people in Florida want it warm. It's just what is natural. This feels unnatural. Now, having said all that, come April when it's snowy and blowy, we sure complain, like it's never happened before. I'll tell you, at least in this part of the world, April is always unpredictable and often snowy. And yet, every year it seems to come as a shock.

Had a bit of an active morning - but nicely spaced out (don't say it). Mike arrived to put up the mirror in the bathroom and fix some toe boards that weren't quite right. We made him a coffee and left. off to Knowlton. I needed to sign some Vive Gamache bookplates for Danny and Lucy, and some books, so we decided to have breakfast at Cafe Floral at the same time. Good decision! Started with decaf bowls of cafe au lait - then Michael had the waffle with fresh whipped cream, fruit and warm maple syrup and bacon. I had the eggs florentine. He won. My eggs were great, but really? No competition.

Then off to see Danny at Brome Lake Books. Then I drove Michael home, dropped him off and I headed to Vermont to do some mailing and get gas. We always gas up at the Pinnacle Peddler....partly because we just adore everyone there - partly because it's cheaper in the States, and partly as an ongoing protest against the gas station in Sutton for making their new building so tall it ruins the view on the main street of the mountains. The gas station, when we first arrived, was charming (if such things can be charming). A sort of throw-back. There was full service. Young men and women (teens with their first jobs) would fly out of the little enclosure and fill the tank and do the windshield. In the middle of winter it was a god-send. People would come from miles around for that....especially older people. but the new station fired all the kids, made it self-serve and despite huge protests by townspeople, built this huge convenience store. (we already had a small one in town just down rue Principale - so it was a shame to have a second - that competes and ruins the view).

Now, I have to say, when we have gone in the new gas station, the people have been very nice - but I think we'll continue to support the Pinnacle Peddler.

Off tonight to see friends - then home all tomorrow. Hoping, finally, to do nothing. but am beginning to feel like Charlie Brown and the football.

Hope you're having exactly the sort of weekend you were hoping for! Speak soon.


Jodi said...

Ridiculously warm (60F/15C) here in NY. The forsythia is so confused, it's blooming!

Brenda Buchanan said...

Too warm here in Maine, too. It is worrisome, but today, when we were driving to Massachusetts for a family gathering, we were grateful for the clear roads.

Glad to hear you and Michael are well and settling into an ahhhh phase.

Best wishes to you in this new year,


Qli said...

It is weird here too; much too warm for North Dakota. The nice temp did make it easier to take down the Coca-Cola polar bear Christmas lights that I love to put on the outside stair railing.
I was savoring "The Brutal Telling" over the holidays, and came across something interesting. I'm sure it is an editorial error, because I am pretty certain that you'd know the difference between the nave of a church, and a knave in the church! On my ebook, on pages 119-120, the phrase "knave of the church" jumped out at me. gave me a chuckle!

Anonymous said...

I saw that too! In every Gamache ebook I find a few things like that. They don't spoil the books for me - the stories are just too wonderful for that - but they make me wonder if ebooks are edited as carefully as paper ones.

Qli said...

Darn, my brain confused the two books that start with "B". The one with the knave was "Bury Your Dead". I figure "anonymous" knew what I was talking about anyway!

ttop said...

No snow here either in Iowa. As I age, winter is becoming my favorite season - a good book, a warm fire, and the beauty of white fresh snow outside the picture window. Miss it.

Daryl Edelstein said...

NYC had a freeze mid last week and at week's end a spring warm up .. I hate to say it but I too would prefer snow and cold .. at least then we'd know it was winter and spring was just round the corner!

riverview said...

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