Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Missing Link

overcast, mild, temps about freezing

yesterday was a lovely day inside at Hovey Manor - but rainy and ugly outside. I can't begin to tell you how unusual this is for Quebec - can't quite see the grass, but just about. And no cold or snow on the way. So we're in that netherworld where it's cold enough to be uncomfortable, but not so cold that it's pretty and we can ski and skate and actually enjoy it.

But having fun here...great food (sea bass, filet mignon, magret de canard) and stimulating company. Because of the bad weather yesterday Michael stayed here last night and left this morning...I think he prayed the bad weather into existence! Another dinner and breakfast. The omelette this morning was leeks, brie and blueberry compote - oh Lord. After he left Susan and I got down to work, discussing some plot points of book 9 - and she gave me lots of background....we discussed what facts would fit and where it would need to be fiction. I just adore tossing around ideas, building on each other's thoughts - and when something, even an aside, sparks, well, it's amazing.

Over tea in front of the fireplace we hashed out some extremely confounding areas....and I think you'll like the results. (If not, it's Susan's fault...)

Indeed, we got so wrapped up in what we were talking about, Marc-Andre at the front desk had to come by the remind us that I'd booked us back to back massages, and Susan was already late for hers!

So much suffering for my art - are those tears I see in your eyes? Perhaps not.

We're off to Montreal tomorrow - I'll drop Susan at her home and head to the apartment. Taping an interview Monday morning with Shelagh Rogers for her show, The Next Chapter. Shelagh's amazing and while I've declined almost all interview requests while I've tried to take 'down time' - I so enjoy my conversations with her that I agreed.

Then home to Michael Monday afternoon. Lovely man phoned as soon as he got to Knowlton (to drop off a package of special Manoir Hovey granola to Danny and Lucy at Brome Lake Books) to tell me he was safe and sound. You just never know, after a rain, the roads often freeze.

So, Michael is safe at home, we're safe here - life is good. I'd have made a great primitive man - only really concerned with safety and food. (they did have cream puffs back then, no?)

Speak soon - hope you are safe, and have enough food.


Maryse Lafleur said...

Come to Quebec City, no rain here, a lot of snow - it's wonderful ...

Miss Diane said...

Bon dimanche Louise!

lil Gluckstern said...

I'm struggling with the picture of cream puffs and cave men. The rest is lovely, drive safe.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear your sorting the plot. Hope you remember to include some of the great meals in the book as well. Missed them in a Trick of Light and worried we'll only be on daily rations at the monastery of some cheese, a baguette and 1/2L of wine. LOL. :) In all your previous books it was wonderful to feel the fire in the bistro, brush off the crumbs of croissants and enjoy an evening meal of Quebec cuisine why pondering the ins and outs of the case.