Thursday, 12 January 2012

As long as we're not traveling...

OK, so right at this moment, there's a storm - but if I blink it might go away. Temps near freezing. snow and blowing snow- very dramatic. Tub filled with water in case we lose power...we're on a well, so if we lose power, we lose water. So when there's a particularly violent storm, we fill the tub.

Apparently whatever we're getting today will get worse tomorrow. Forecast is for mix of rain, snow, sleet and freezing rain.

The wonderful people at Harbor Sweets sent two boxes of chocolates, so we pretty much don't care what happens outside - though we do hope that those of you who have to go out in it are very, very careful. I know - it sounds silly to even say that, of course you'll be careful - but just wanted to underscore it. In canada, not much will blow our houses down - and not many people break into our homes. The threat is almost always outside. It's not unusual to hear Canadians say, 'I love snow storms - as long as I don't have to travel'. There is always that qualifier. And it's how I feel. I just adore snow storms - the more dramatic the better. Bring it on - as long as....

Lise has just been and gone - discussing getting permissions to use poetry, and tax forms for the foreign language editions. who knew there was so much bureaucracy with writing books. Of course, the writing isn't bureaucratic, it's the publishing.

I've come to realize I'm not a detail person....and yet, I thrive in order. Disorder, and certainly chaos, gets me nuts. I'm actually fairly organized - but I hate the details. Of course, we all have things about what we do that we dislike. But wow - if we don't stay on top of the paperwork, and files and details there is complete chaos very quickly. In just a matter of days we're swamped.

Enter Lise. My assistant. She showed up this morning - through the blizzard - carrying bags of books to be signed and mailed, permission forms, licorice all sorts and a fresh loaf of cinnamon bread she'd just baked. I, of course, was still in my PJs, and Michael had egg in his beard. We felt like neanderthals visited by an advanced species.

Lise sorts us, in the most gentle of ways, and when she leaves everyone and everything is smiling and shiny and ordered and happy. she's the literary Mary Poppins.

Am off now to put up pictures our good friend Cheryl painted and gave us as a house warming. I photographed them so you can see. She actually writes and illustrates children's books, but also illustrates publications on herbs and medicinal plants. And the bee is just for fun. I think they're all magnificent. We have another painting of hers in our living room. Impressive woman. I see now there's a weird reflection in the illustrations of the plants...couldn't figure out those lines (not sure if you can see them) then I realized it's the tongue-in-groove ceiling of our kitchen. We have a wood ceiling - very old fashioned, but we love it.

The hammer and nails call - and the storm continues. But inside, all is calm. How perfect.


Maryann Miller said...

The pictures are quite lovely, as was this blog post. My friend, Dani Greer, just introduced me to your books and I am reading the latest in the series, A Trick of the Light. Wonderful! I cannot believe I have missed this series and plan to start at the beginning and get them all.

We lose power here, too, in fact we lost it last night for several hours. Luckily, we do not have to fill our tub with water, but it did get a little chilly until the power came back and the heater started working again.

Daryl Edelstein said...

Here in NYC its rainy and windy but snow is predicted for tomorrow .. if I had to stay home tomorrow I'd curl up with A Trick of Light its on top of my TBR pile ..

Scrappy Grams said...

I read Still Life for book club. Now I must read more of your books.
Your friend is quite talented. I really like your gifts. I'm lucky enough to have a friend/daughter-in-law whose paintings are on the walls of my home. What an idea for a blog post! Stay safe and warm. It's blowing snow here in Indiana. The worst is the ice on the driveway.

Nina said...

That well-done illustration of the bee reminds me of the book we discussed just today at book club: Little Bee by Chris Cleave.

He writes for London's Guardian and, though it is an emotionally difficult read, he writes beautifully.

Even in Tenn. we have a little snow tonight.

danielle-momo said...

Happy to be home after work and nothing could get me out in this weather tonight and don't want to think about tomorow : un jour à la fois.
What precious gift those paintings. They are beautiful.
Enjoy your stay at home.

Nancy said...

Enjoy your chocolate and the beautiful artwork. We're in for a bit of storm tonight, but alas, we have no chocolate.

Constance said...

Wonderful artwork. I myself would love to own a Clara Morrow... well a small one, maybe a study for Three Graces. Am re-reading Trick of the Light for the third time. Would love to know more about the Quebec art scene.
Enjoy chocolate and snow. What a fine combination.

Elizabeth said...

I need a Lise!

lil Gluckstern said...

Chocolate and a lovely warm home-priceless ;)

Patsy said...

I'm in Mukilteo,WA,USA. "The Cruelest Month" was on the library staff recommended cart in October, and I made the choice to take it rather than another I'd chosen. I could hardly put it down; it went on my 3 week vacation o Hawaii, and I eagerly racedback to the library as soon as I got home because I'd ordered all your books. Unfortunately, daily activities kept me from sailing through them. That allowed me to savor the six books in which I immersed myself every chance I got. Sigh. Now I don't have one to take to bed with me tonight as I've just finished "Bury Your Dad". Your characters and settings are so rich that I want to move to Three Pines. Can you write any faster???

Well, perhaps I will take time to do sme of my own writing, finally. At 75 I still harbor the dream.

Terry Lally said...

Just thinking ...

Louise, your snow blog reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of my favorite TV series, Northern Exposure.

It's titled, "First Snow", and at the ending the Roslyn folks leave the tavern and go out into the first snow of the winter and greet each other with "Bon Iver!" It could very well be a scene right out of Three Pines.

Roslyn's philosophic radio guy, Chris in the Morning greets the airwaves with the poem, "Oh the snow, the beautiful snow ..."

Good memories, and this Northern Exposure clip can be found on You Tube if anyone is interested.

Oh yes, it's cold and snowy here in Kentucky also.

A. Wright said...

What lovely drawings. I covet the bee. As an avid fan of Holmes and Russell I collect all manner of bee items.

Hunker down and enjoy the weather. I am, it is about 70 degrees here in So Cal. One of the reason I live here.


DebC said...

I envy you your assistant. And I know exactly what you mean about liking order but not details.

Those pictures are lovely! I especially like the bee.

We are cold here (though I think that ends today), but not much snow, which I like because that means no shoveling :)

Beth said...

First snow of the season tonight in Clatskanie, Oregon, and our tub is filled with water.

Our dog Nick tore a ligament in his knee last week and can't jump up onto the bed. We can lift him up, but can't take the chance he might jump down in the night, so he and I are tucked away together, keeping company on a low bed. Quite companionable. If only I had a new Three Pines novel...I've found that our dogs love to be read to, and it's a very specific pleasure to read aloud to them. (No interruptions, not like reading to children, which is a different sort of fun.)

Bon iver, indeed!

xxx Beth