Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wild Oats

sun struggling to come out - very light fluffy flurries - mild temps minus 2

A very nice day - after the torrential rain yesterday. of course, now we have to be aware of what is under the dusting of snow. Hidden. Every time either Michael or I go outside, or someone arrives, we shout, 'Watch for ice!'

The rain yesterday has frozen - and now the snow just hides it. Very sneaky, these Canadian winters. And I suspect winters elsewhere in the northern hemisphere. But I still wouldn't trade it for anything....though....well...

We are off to the caribbean on Saturday!!! Two weeks. We found a place with a private cottage on the beach - the rooms have no TV, no radio, no clocks even. Ahhhh. My Assistant Lise, when I get stressed, keeps sending me photos of our little cottage. Just seeing it relaxes me.

So now we're getting prepared. Small crisis when Michael realized the Superbowl is sunday, and this resort doesn't seem to have a television anywhere. He was a little embarrassed (after a month scolding me for even considering taking my laptop and making me promise to leave it and the blackberry behind) to suggest that maybe the laptop wasn't such a bad idea.

So - fingers crossed (I guess) that we can find it live on the internet. I actually really like football too, so it's no hardship.

We're packing...had to find our carry-on - which I finally did, in the basement, covered in dust and cobwebs. As well, I've spent some of today not only doing the laundry but sewing the cuffs of Michael's slacks. (Now, sewing means sticking seeds in, right?)

We will definitely be the 'lower orders' at this resort....Jed and Granny Clampet, trailing cobwebs and oat seeds. At least we'll be guaranteed our privacy. The cranks on the beach.

Pat and Tony arriving tomorrow, to move in and housesit Trudy, with their dogs, so we can go in to Montreal a day early. I desperately need a haircut....was a little tempted to take the pinking shears to it today, but decided that was a whacko step too far, even for the Clampets.

Have to say, I'm loving sitting here watching the birds on the feeder. Mesmerizing.

Oh, I also wanted to tell you that we have a released date for THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY! It will be out August 28th - and is available to pre-order now. If you haven't already signed up for my free newsletter, you might consider it since we're holding a series of draws each month for advance copies of THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY.

Since we're taking the laptop I might blog once from our little cottage....just to say hi. It's nice to keep in touch.


Mary said...

Enjoy..Although I don't think I could do two weeks...that is a sad thing :-)

Linda said...

"...a private cottage on the beach." Well, I don't think it gets any better than that. Have a wonderful time! I'll miss the almost daily blogs, but will try not to be so needy ~ you deserve a break!
(Go Pats!!)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! The new book!! Have a wonderful time on your vacation.
Karen L.

Jeanine Cronin said...

Have a fantastic, relaxing, time in the cottage on the beach. I, also, will miss your blogs. I imagine the hardest part will be being away from Trudy for that period of time. So glad you won't miss the Super Bowl. (Go Pats!)

lil Gluckstern said...

Have a wonderful time. Hope everything cooperates to make your restful, and stress free.

Terry L said...

Hi Louise...Punxsutawney Phil saw his shawdow so you all might as well stay down there an extra week. Glad The Beautiful Mystery has a release date. I'm looking forward to it one great day at a time.