Saturday, 21 January 2012


Light snow, temps minus 10

But rain in the forecast for Monday...the oddest winter I can remember - though last winter was splendid. An absolutely picture perfect Quebec winter. Cold but not endlessly bitter. Lots and lots of fluffy snow, that stayed. A couple of storms. Wonderful. Like the winters of my childhood.

I think we just sometimes get odd winters....and sometimes get glorious ones. Most of the time they're a combination.

But, what do I care? I've got Jamaica on and in my mind! Everyday I go to the website of the place we're staying (not an all-inclusive - more like Hovey Manor on the beach) and 'visit'. Trying not to raise my expectations - but really, alI we want is warmth, and peace and quiet. So as long as Jamaica doesn't get the snow Quebec is missing - and then the Hell's Angels come to stay in the next hut, we should be fine.

Had a fun dinner with Kirk and Walter in Knowlton. Thursday night is 'steak special' at the local auberge. At one stage in the conversation we were talking about Downton Abbey, which led to Upstairs, Downstairs (Lady Marjorie....I still get a lump in my throat) - then The Duchess of Duke Street. Kirk and Walter have the first series on DVD and when we dropped them off Kirk ran in and got it. Michael and I made the mistake of putting it on to watch an episode while we ate lunch yesterday. We got up at 9pm... six episodes later. And there are still three more disks.

We're off to Montreal - and will be watching the duchess before and after the football game. NY plays SF. Also tomorrow, New England plays Baltimore. And when we aren't watching 250 pound men slamming into each other we'll be watching an independent woman in Edwardian London. Like our winters, it all balances out. Though we sometimes feel distinctly unbalanced.

To thank Kirk and Walter, we're dropping off the first season of one of my favorite Britcoms, Gavin and Stacey.

Back on Monday -

Am loving this period in my life. Feeling, finally, more human. More relaxed. And getting more and more ideas, more thoughts, about the next book. Not trying, they just come. I collect them, then pick and choose which ones are valuable. some are big, some tiny. Some thoughts start out tiny, vague, like wisps, and grow more significant.

It's a funny sort of process. All the while I search for the way 'in'. The crack that will let me into the story and the characters....the major 'keys' of their emotions. So that I not only understand the story and them, but I feel them. I find and feel the emotion that connects the characters and the action.

I think I'm getting closer and closer with this book. Have had intimations of it. Very exciting. I love this stage. Like watching something I love come alive...get up, and walk, almost independent of me.

See what I mean by 'unbalanced'?!

Next week I'll be doing research for the book....trying to pin down some of the skeleton of the story and plot. The actions of the characters....and then their reactions. Lovely to have the time to do this at my leisure and not be pressed.

Time to head in to Montreal - speak soon -


Linda said...

A quiet,introspective snowy Saturday, and a heart thumping do-or-die football Sunday. All about balance. I think it's what keeps us moving forward.
Love to hear you've found your center... and are working on the next book!!!
Happy vaca!

Ann Casey said...

I LOVE how you described the story as something that comes into being and almost gets up and walks on its independent own!! Alchemy of words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You're so nurturing, and that informs your novels; it's one reason I love to read them. They're not only well-written whodunits, but they nurture. Wish you lived next door! As it is, I enjoy reading your blog with tea or coffee. :^ )

Daryl Edelstein said...

its fascinating to get this peek into how these amazingly involving books come to be .. and now I am adding Downton Abbey to my NetFlix queue