Thursday, 17 November 2011

Aunt Agathas and

sleet- a blechy day- temps about freezing

One of those classic, cold, gray, late fall day...the sky threatening, and then delivering. A mix of rain and snow. Michael and I were out in it - against all odds I got off the bed today. Returned the DVDs - then went for Indian food (which sadly wasn't all that great) then headed to a hardware store...and got caught in the sleet.

We stopped and bought a Christmas gift that needs to be mailed out...dear Lord, how quickly Christmas arrives! And a box of Christmas crackers. They're just about my favorite part of Christmas...popping the crackers, wearing the silly hats, reading the stupid jokes and trying to get the cheap plastic gift to 'work'. Can't imagine why those crackers just give me such pleasure, but I know Christmas wouldn't feel the same. I think it's just impossible to take anyone, or myself, too seriously with those hats. Just relaxes everyone. Like wine, with a small explosive.

After that we headed home to the apartment.

The really fun news is that the great folks at Aunt Agatha's bookstore in Ann Arbor (run by Robin and Jamie and very influential in the mystery writers/readers community) has chosen A TRICK OF THE LIGHT as one of their Best Crime Novels of 2011. You can get their full list if you go to Aunt Agatha's website. it makes a wonderful reading list, and Robin provides very thought reviews of each book, so you get a flavour before committing to the book. I'm just so thrilled about this...a genuine honour...especially given the other books and writers listed, as you'll see.

And - closer to home - has named A TRICK OF THE LIGHT one of the top mysteries of 2011 - and among the best 20 books (fiction and non-fiction) published all year.

I am so thrilled I can't tell you. Though I think you can guess.

On top of that, my UK editor, Dan Mallory of Little, Brown wrote to say he also thinks the next book, THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY, is by far the best of the Gamache novels. Phew - and yippee....and all sorts of joyous swear words I won't impose on you here. It was a beautiful letter, detailed and funny, and very moving. I printed it out and won't tell you how many times I've re-read it - and how many times I plan to continue to read it. My new hobby.

Thank you, too, for continuing to support A TRICK OF THE LIGHT. Hope it finds its way under some Christmas to think of it wrapped and waiting.

Off to do some errands tomorrow - accountant and Michael's eye doctor for a visual field. Then I'll be signing at the Salon du Livres (the book fair) in Montreal on Saturday and Sunday, from 3 to 4. On top of that, the CBC Radio show C'est La Vie - which is on the english network but talks about issues to do with french Canada - has arranged for Kathy Reichs and me to have a conversation. I'm not at all sure what we'll talk about, but I can guess. I've met Kathy a few times and have been so deeply impressed by her smarts and how friendly she is. No sense that she's 'here' and the rest of us are 'there'. So, I'm looking forward to it.

I'll let you know how it goes, and take some photos (and hope Kathy doesn't bitch slap me - or if she does, we catch it on film.)


danielle-momo said...

Bon salon du livre de Montréal et bonne rencontre avec Kathy Reichs.J'aime bien ses livres mais c'est surtout son travail d'anthropologue judiciaire qui m'impressionne.
Et Félicitations pour les compliments que vous avez recu pour The Beautiful Mystery, je suis sure qu'ils sont amplement mérités.

Laura said...

Wow - two of my fav authors talking? You'll let us know when, right?

Congrats on making the Agatha list - will have to check it out.


smacknee said...

If a college student with her hair cut in two different lengths asks to have a picture made with you, don't be alarmed! She is harmless and is merely humoring her mother, who is a huge fan down here in North Carolina!

lil Gluckstern said...

Congratulations on your making all these lists. If "The beautiful Mystery " is the best so far, WOW. I'm teasing a little because I've enjoyed all your books, but you see, practice makes perfect.:)