Friday, 4 November 2011

Snow Squalls

snow off and on - squalls - then sunny. temps 3 degrees

A raw day. Sitting in front of the fireplace here at the cottage - you can see the photo. Rustic, comfortable. There's Trudy eyeing Michael's snack. I think we're going to miss this place when the main house is finished.

It's looksing amazing, by the way. Stonework by Mike and Ashley is a work of art. And Gary got all the tiles this morning....went at 8am to pick it up, only to discover the place doesn't open until when I called he'd just sat down with a blueberry danish and a double double. To wait. Not bad.

Michael, Kirk and I went off to Ikea this morning - had to return a bathroom cabinet that's too big. Wow - are those flat packed Ikea cabinet things heavy! We lugged it out of the car and to the returns desk where Michael waited about an hour while Kirk and I scouted sofas....then returned to Michael just in time to return the cabinet. Ikea for all their great design reeeeaaallly needs more staff. Though, have to say, the staff we dealt with either at the returns desk, the delivery desk, or the clerk in the 'living room' area were all magnificent. But way overworked. And absent. Very hard to find a clerk actually on the floor.

but we got everything done and collapsed in the cafeteria for an Ikea lunch. If you've never had an Ikea lunch you're missing something. the line moves fast and the food is surprisingly yummy. Kirk has swedish meatballs and vegetables and a sort of brownie pie. Michael had roast chicken and I had fish and chips. Perhaps because we were all exhausted, but the food sure hit the spot.

Then hopped in the car with the five million pillows kirk bought and the waste paper buckets Michael purchased. And headed home...through the snow squalls. It really was impressive to see the storm in the a massive gray wall had been erected across the highway. We couldn't actually tell what it was...rain or snow or ice. I have to admit, I was happy not to be alone in the car. Then we hit it. Sleet. Pounding off the car and the pavement - but only for about two minutes - then we were out the other side and into bright sunshine.

Arrived back to find that the chimney inside the main house has almost been finished and looks great. The trim has almost all been painted....and Gary has just about finished the tile backsplash behind the stove. Very exciting.

And - I sent off the edits for Book 8...aka - THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY.

Having breakfast in Sutton with Joan tomorrow. Chairing a meeting tomorrow night....and have Sunday all to ourselves. Ahhhh.

Hope you have the weekend you wanted. Be well, and I'll talk to you on sunday, I hope.


Anonymous said...

I love hearing about your day, the various remodels that are going on, and of course about the editing of the next book.

No snow here yet, even up on the tundra. The last storm missed us and we went to Niagara on the Lake over the weekend. Each time I go to Canada I wonder why I don't live there.

Or in the south of France!

Ann in Rochester

Sandra Martini said...

LOVE the cottage. It looks so cozy and perfect place to be on a raw day.

Congrats on the remodeling, sounds like it's going beautifully!

With abundance,

Sandy :-)

Barbara said...

Your cottage looks so comfortable and warm, and I like the many windows letting in the light. Trudy is funny the way she's concentrating on the snack. Hope your weekend is relaxing.

Miss Diane said...

Je passerais bien mes week-ends dans un si joli cottage! Quelle journée, à la fois éreintante et intéressante. Could you believe that, sometimes, we go to IKEA just to eat roast chicken with fries and sauce..? Have a nice week-end in your beautiful environment!

lil Gluckstern said...

You have a way of making a home wherever you go. So warm and cosy. Enjoy your aah day.

Jodi said...

That cottage looks so warm and inviting. Do you accept complete strangers as guests. ;)

(I'm quiet and a good cook).

Famille Gerdel said...

Joli chalet tout douillet, l'ambiance est champêtre à souhait. Profitez-en bien!