Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Perfect Day

sunny, mild, temps 10

I think it's slightly milder than normal....such an unsettled time of year. We often go away in November....last year we went to London for ten days, to meet with my agent and editor. And just be in London! Now, London in November isn't exactly the Bahamas - but better than here! And besides, London anytime is wonderful, in my mind.

But this year we're too tired, and too broke, to budge far. We're thrilled with the renovations, but I hate being in debt. Michael has a much bigger tolerance for it than I. So - it doesn't happen if we can't pay for it. Therefore - no big trips right now. But, honestly, this isn't exactly some big sacrifice! All I want is to be home. Curled on the sofa. Besides, so many decision to be made for the renovations....getting down to the details. Thrilling!!! but not the time to head off for long.

But.... we have decided to treat ourselves to a celebratory visit to Hovey Manor this coming week. Three nights. Just us. Eating and sleeping and reading...and eating. I hope not to get out of my slippers.

this is the beauty of having people we trust doing the renovations...Gary, who knows us so well and is a personal friend...Bob who has guided the renovations so beautifully for months, Mike and Daniel and Ashley. They can function just fine without us for a few days. (and we have the cell with us - not completely foolish!)

We'll get up at 6 tomorrow - head out by 7am....take the beetle to VW in Sherbrooke and drop it off to be winterized (tires mostly) - then get to Hovey Manor in time for breakfast. Meeting Danie Beliveau, of tourism for the townships, for lunch there. She has a proposal.

So happy to have sent off the latest draft of THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY to the editors. This gives us a few days grace. And we plan to use it. In slippers. So, if you're at the Manoir this week and hear two people shuffling along, it's just us.

And, to add to the delight, we put the clocks back last night and so have been given - like most of you - an extra hour.

Hope you have a terrific week. We bought our poppies yesterday after breakfast with Joan. Deeply moving to see the war vets, wearing their medals.

Be well - talk soon.


Tracy Altieri said...

I retired from 30 years of teaching in June and now my husband and I are doing a fair amount of traveling. We are also planning to spend 2 months in Florida this winter. I have looked forward to this for so long, but I now find myself thinking about how cozy it will be in Central New York with the snow falling outside and me by the fire with a good book - I've read all yours - so I hope that your newest will be out soon! I know that I will be happy to be on the beach in February, but being snugly inside on a blustery day is something that I do love!

Lisa May said...

I have been saying for some time now that Tourism Canada needs to put you under contract - and to plan some Three Pines-ish tours. And they can organize the "Reine- Marie is a lucky woman" t-shirts I want to buy.