Tuesday, 1 November 2011

GoodReads nomination

lovely, sunny day - temps 10

really, a remarkable fall day - just beautiful.

Long days - packed. Up at 6am - at the house (under construction) by 7:45. Cheryl came by with Gary to look. Love her reaction....such a great friend. We were at the house at 7:30 last night with the ebenist - Cameron and the architectural draftsman, Brian. Wonderful young guys with a new company....but they needed to see the new kichen and how the island they're designing wil fit.

Ypu can see this photo of the kitchen...Ikea. In - but not quite finished (I hope...)- but close enough that I can taste it. or perhaps that's sawdust. The marble template guys are coming tomorrow. We ran into a problem today with the chimney stone. Wrong colours. Take a week or more to get what we hope will be the right stone. And the hearth stone didn't fit. And the vent against one wall sticks out too far, which means the piece of furniture that wall was specifically designed to have, will stick into the room. And the light switch for the kitchen is behind the fridge. Which also seems a problem.

We all, like a band attached at the hip, move around the kitchen/dining area together...Bob, Michael, Mike, Gary and me. Going from one problem to the next. Staring at it. Heads tilted first one way, then the other. Trying to find the solution. I'll tell you, if staring could solve problem I'd be the most successful human in history. so we'd stare for a while, then move by mutual consent to the next.

But I know a solution will present itself. They always have. Or not. But I also know these are not real problems. They're inconveniences at best.

The great thing about today is that the gas people came again - and successfully hooked up the gas stove....and fixed the fireplace. I was far from convinced today would end so well. But it did. A huge relief.

Feeling a little frustrated that I need to put in one more day on the edits to the manuscript, and just can't find the time. And with all the distractions I can't seem to find much time to even think about the book. But I'm hoping Thursday...

the november newsletter went out today - always a very fun day. Linda Lyall, in Scotland, works very hard on the design and editing after I send her the text and some photos. Indeed, Linda also designs my website.

Just interrupted by a phone call and didn't get back to the blog for a few hours.

My goal is to get the edits of Book 8 - The Beautiful Mystery - done by the end of the weekend, if not before. Just bits and pieces left to do at this stage. Thank heaven...but so important not to flag...so easy to stall close to the finish line.

Just received some very fun news...A TRICK OF THE LIGHT has been nominated for the GoodReads Readers Choice Award for Best Mystery. I have to say, I'm very, very happy about this....the first time for this terrific nomination.

Well, off to bed. Hope you had a terrific day.


Anonymous said...

The kitchen is gorgeous! Love the floor. You will be so happy when it is finished. I renovated my one and only bathroom last year and spent 2 weeks trying to find a place to wash. Fortunately had a laundry tub that helped as welll as the gym at work! Though very scary showering in an empty building early in the morning! It will be finished soon and be a dim memory of agro!

Barbara said...

Your kitchen is shaping up to be wow-worthy. I envy you since mine has been half torn up for too long and no end in sight. Good luck on finding time for edits. My husband is readying his machine shop for auction and I have been dragged in much too much to concentrate on anything else. Be glad when it's over with.

Dana said...

I think the switch is almost always behind the fridge. We finally just moved the fridge, but moving the switch would probably be better.
A few years ago we added a room to our cottage with windows that were designed to pull inward for easy cleaning. AFTER painting everything I tried to wash the windows. The carpenters had put molding so close to the window that we could not flip it open. Out came the sander and problem solved. But sawdust everywhere and had to repaint. The worst part was knowing we could have done a better job ourselves and actually paid for that mess.

lil Gluckstern said...

Your kitchen will be beautiful. So light and airy. Kitchen remodels are very high on the stress scale, so you seem to be weathering this very well. Congratulations on the nomination. I voted for it, naturally. And I meant it.

Colombine said...

Belle kitchen! J'ai rénové ma maison 1920 il y a 2 ans maintenant et j'ai tripé! Vraiment! J'aime les chantiers... quel bonheur!

Félicitations for the GoodReads'nomination, c'est fantastique! Bravo! Mille fois bravo!

Will see each other at Le Salon du Livre de Mtl.

danielle-momo said...

Votre cuisine semble vouloir garder le cachet rustique de votre maison,c'est très beau et ca le sera encore plus avec les comptoirs
installés. Baeucoup de tiroirs et d'espaces de rangement, c'est essentiel.
Félicitations pour le Good Reads Readers Choice !

Famille Gerdel said...

Ahhhhh.... mais c'est une bien grande cuisine que tu as, dis donc!

Je suis curieuse de voir le résultat final. Bon, je sais, tu dois d'abord terminer ton travail d'auteure, là. ;-)