Sunday, 20 November 2011

Salon du Livres

partly cloudy - chilly day - but getting milder....rain on the way.

We're heading back to the country this afternoon....can hardly wait. We'll be staying in the cottage for another week, while the floors are being sanded and oiled. It's made of reclaimed teak and I'l so impatient to see how the oiling comes up. The sanding man, who is apparently terrific, forgot the bag for his sander and instead of taking the time to go back to his shop to get it, he sanded all Friday without it.

We were in Montreal and didn't see the mess...thank heaven....but I can imagine. Actually, I'm trying not to imagine. Bob, who is running the renovations, said he sealed everything....and he is terrific. So maybe it isn't as bad as I imagine. I'm sort of seeing a brownish desert - drifts of wood dust. Settling on the counters, shot into every crack and drawer. Stuck to the walls. In our bed. A sort of Three Bears of construction.

We're heading home tonight, as I say....we'll take a few deep breaths, then go in and see. The beauty of imagining the worst is the huge relief when it doesn't happen. I'll let you know.

The Salon du Livres in Montreal was terrific yesterday. As you can see by the photo...packed with people - loads of families and children almost hysterical at meeting authors of their favorite books. Quebec is a highly literate books, of all sorts. There's nothing like the Salon du Livres in English Canada. It's a huge book fair. There was, a few years ago, a Book Expo in Toronto - but that was for industry insiders, and not open to the public. I'd love to see a book fair in the english world. There are book festivals, but it isn't the same thing. At the Salon - it's open for almost a week and basically the publishers put up booths and their authors sit at desks and sign books. It's a lot less structured and formal than a literary festival. All sorts of panels happening, and on stage interviews....but it feels like this huge, joyous celebration of reading. Wonderful. Invigorating.

My event was between 3 and 4 yesterday. Met lots of people. fun to see the lines growing, from last year. I'll tell you, sitting at a desk for two hours (as I did last year) when no one shows up is exhausting...far more tiring that speaking with, and signing for, hundreds of people. It really is very difficult - sitting alone and making it look like I don't care. So it's nice when it feels like that time is past here in Quebec.

Had fun doing the interview with Kathy Reichs. You can see the photo of us - with Elizabeth holding the microphone to Kathy and Alison holding the microphone to me. Alison is the producer of the CBC national radio programme C'est la Vie. They recorded a conversation between kathy and me on Saturday afternoon at the Salon. I'm just amazed her her stamina - all the calls on her time, and she's still standing and smiling. Such fun to talk with her.

I'll be at the Salon again this afternoon from 3 to 4, then Michael is coming to pick me up and we'll head back to the country. Our reclaimed teak Sahara.

nahh - it'll be great. Fine, even...


Barbara said...

I just caught myself holding my breath thinking about all the sanding dust that must be in your house. I hope we're both wrong and it will be okay.

I can imagine it would be fun to have a chat with Kathy Reichs. I often wonder what she thinks of the TV show "Bones" about her. Personally I like it but I think it might have little to do with her as a real life person.

DebC said...

The Salon du Livres sounds fantastic! I wish we had something like that nearby.

danielle-momo said...

J'ai déjà vécu ca: poussière de sablage de plancher et je vous souhaite que le résultat soit en effet moins pire que ce que vous imaginez.

Mary said...

I remember watching an author a year ago in Nashville with no one in line and felt badly for her. You, on the other hand, had a long line (which I was in). So glad for you that you have moved through that awkward, difficult part of your career. I am confident that the lines will just continue to grow!

Dana said...

We have been in Frankfurt during book fair time, and no hotel rooms anywhere. Brings back memories of our dear aunt, a Sister of the Good Shepard, who would tell us how very wonderful it was to go to the Munich book fair and be able to freely read any book she chose. She grew up in a Germany that burnt books, and never missed a chance to point out a public library. "Free", she would say.

Donna said...

Well we are all waiting to hear about the sanding of the floors? I can not imagine anyone doing that kind of work without the proper attachment. You really do have the patience of a saint!