Thursday, 10 November 2011


overcast, drizzle, cooler - temps 6

Much cooler today....but yesterday at Hovey in North Hatley, Quebec, was another stunner of a late fall day. We never, ever expect it - and when sunny and warm temps happen in November, we all just walk around smiling. Here are some pictures Michael and I took down by the lake. It started off - until early afternoon - absolutely still. You can see how clear the lake it.

Lovely final day - picked up the car from the in the library. Went for walks. we had scallops as an appetizer and then Michael had the halibut (I'd had that the night before) and I had filet mignon. They also do what's called in Quebec an 'amuse bouche'....which is a small sampling of something the chef whips up....a little something extra. Last night it was an oyster on the half shell, cooked with bacon and cream and melted blue cheese. Yes - I'm not making that up. And it was as yummy as it sounds, apparently. I like oysters, but Michael's the big fan - so I gave mine to him. And the smile said it was a wonderful few bites.

Drove home this morning, into gathering clouds and finally light rain. I stopped in Knowlton to have my hair done by Tammy - and Michael came home.

We'll be moving back to the house tomorrow night, so that our friends Bal and Linda can use the cottage. But the main house isn't quite as far along as everyone (read: Michael and me) had hoped. Always small glitches, I know. But still - we're almost there. Not much cooking, I think, will be happening in the kitchen - but to be fair, not much ever really happened. So it'll be a bit like camping....but such fun to see Bal and Linda and hang out for a few days.

Then we're in to Montreal for some appointments then the Salon du Livres in Montreal next weekend.

tomorrow is Remembrance Day. And quite a numeral....111111 We've bought out fourth (or is it fifth) poppy for our lapels. they keep springing off. I'm beginning to think what we take for fall leaves are in fact poppies on the ground.

I am always so moved by Remembrance Day - and I know most of you probably are too. Hard not to be. Especially these days, when so many young ones have died in current wars.

We really do remember, you know. And give thanks. And are in awe of such courage - of the soldiers, but also of their families, to let them go.


darlene said...

John McCrae's In Flanders Fields expresses the courage, sacrifice and pain of war with such clarity and truth and awful beauty, but how wonderful it would be if only people would learn from it and the world could evolve beyond hurting others to achieve one's own ends.

Beth4Laurel said...

The lake is so beautiful!Thank you so much for sharing with us. You and Michael seem to love each other very much. We live in a time when it seems that love isn't that important but its the only thing that really is important. Take care!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful place. so eye pleasing. thanks for putting the pics on your blog.

Famille Gerdel said...

Bonjour Louise,

Magnifique ton blogue avec toutes ces belles photos!

AU plaisir de te découvrir au travers ton quotidien.

À la reparlure!

Ville de Québec