Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tote bags, chocolates and chants - oh my!

Sunny, warm, temps 20

Lovely, fresh day. Not at all humid. Had first coffee of the morning by the pool - sun out, but black flies not yet awake. The photo was taken by Michael this morning when he walked Trudy. Our wild flower field, by the pond. Lupins! Love 'em. And writing this on the porch, to the thrum of bees.

I think all our fish have 'left' the pond - to the big pond in the sky. Sad...after ten years of raising the bass. Apparently, Del thinks, an otter or some such might have gotten in during the winter and done what they do best. Happy for it - sad for the fish. But, as a result, we have so many tadpoles in the pond we can practically walk on it. Normally the fish would eat them...but now they're thriving. Can't begin to imagine the sound of all those frogs, in a few weeks. But we love having frogs. Shows a healthy eco-system. Or, a lack of bass.

Wrote 37-hundred words this morning and into the afternoon - until I ran out. Emptied the brain. Only muck coming out now. so decided to stop.

And then I did the draw for the three gifts from Saint-Benoit-du-lac. The tote bag, the chocolates and the Gregorian chants.

The winners are:

Tote bag - Alice
Chocolates - Beth
Chants - Kathleen

Congratulations. The winners have been told. And thank you all for entering, and also for your kind comments, on my contact email, but also on the comments section of the blog. I read them, and feel so warmed.

Have a meeting tonight, in Sutton....and all tomorrow to write. Getting closer. But then, you've heard that before. As I approach, The End seems to get farther away. But I'll get there one day!

Speak to you soon -


Lisa May said...

We'll be right there with you at the end. And then, in the inevitably greedy way of readers, we'll be asking "What's next?" (I do feel guilty about that sometimes :)

Nonnie said...

Thank you so much for "peeks" into your life! Like so many other fans and readers I wait with bated breath for each posting and for the NEXT book about my favorite detective! I do have a bit of a crush on Inspector Armand Gamache:-)

MargaretJ said...

Lupins...truly a northern phenomenon.

Frogs...well, if they get too noisy, you could eat them!

I don't look forward to the end of the summer, but with the release date of your new book, it makes it less painful.

Donna K said...

Haven't emailed in months due to a new computer difference.But I see that you have survived and are thriving nonetheless.....

It is overwheliming to catch up on your successes and progress.Congratulations on it all.

We too have lost our fish to an otter and have a gazillion tadpoles, which are even jumping out of the water to catch bugs. The frogs'songs/speaking is loud but we love the noise..came late this spring. However, I have not been blessed with much 'THRUM' (only an author....)
Waiting excitedly for my pre-ordered book to come this fall...
Don't know how you do it....
Donna K

Miss Diane said...

Première sortie dans les Cantons-de-l'Est hier après un automne et un hiver à la maison. Nous sommes passés devant la maison, nous aurions aimé vous serrer la pince mais, quelle idée d'arrêter sans s'être annoncés!!! Désolée, nous tenterons notre chance une autre fois.

À la librairie de Knowlton, mon mari m'a fait cadeau d'une tasse "Three Pines" pour mon anniversaire. Belle pensée n'est-ce pas..!

Bon courage pour la fin du prochain livre et félicitations, vous avez une très belle maison! Dommage pour les poissons.