Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Nero

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thank you for all your lovely comments yesterday after I reached the end of the book! Oh, it just feels amazing. Freeing.

Now - probably three more drafts - though they progressively less arduous, until finally, with luck, the last one is a polish. then it gets sent - at the end of August I hope - to Teresa Chris, my agent in London. If she likes it, it gets sent to my two editors, Dan with Little, Brown in London, and Hope with Minotaur Books in the US.

While I'm on tour in September I hope they read it, make their notes and by the time I finish tour I can consider their suggestions and spend the time until Christmas fine-tuning the book.

And then, begin the next one in the New Year....though I try to take january and February to relax, and start planning the next book before getting down to writing it in March.

It took me a few books to work out that structure for my work-year. I used to just go along, doing what needed to be done. And that works brilliantly for some - but I realized I felt off balance the whole time. Vulnerable. And I needed structure. In my work-day and in my work-year. From there I can diverge from it - still need to be flexible. But it cuts down on worrying if I'm going to make deadline or not. Now I know where I'm at. One less thing to worry about and more energy to put into the writing. And my life with Michael.

Had magnificent news yesterday! My great friend - and a fabulous writers - Jane Cleland wrote to tell me that BURY YOUR DEAD had been nominated for the Nero Award! It's an American award given by the Wolfe Pack - and organization dedicated to the works, obviously, of Rex Stout, whose character was Nero Wolfe. the award is given to the mystery book that most exemplifies literary excellence, ala Stout.

I'm afraid I don't yet know who the other nominees are = but this is the first time one of my books has been shortlisted for this award. Very exciting! As you see, I'm quite greedy!!

Hope you're enjoying your day. I sure am!


Marilyn said...

Hearty congratulations on finishing the book, the awards received and the nominations! Superb, all of it! I know that the fine-tuning of your writing is part and parcel of the beauty of your writing ... but, it must be said that the thought of losing 10 to 15 thousand of your words from the new manuscript makes me a bit sad ... I relish them all so much! Onward!

lil Gluckstern said...

Why not? You work so hard, produce such great books, and an all around nice person-everyone on the blogs says so. Enjoy this, and congratulations.

Anonymous said...

And more good news - happy to hear that!

Thanks for describing briefly the process from writing to publishing.
If one strives to have a full, balanced life, it is probably difficult to write more than book per year.

It is reassuring to know that Michael saves - and reliably - all your work. One hundred years ago, e.g., Gertrude Stein was writing all night, and in the morning her companion, Alice Toklas, transcribed it all while Gertrude was sleeping. Times have changed! Michael, thanks God for the computers.


Jan Morrison said...

Well this was a true treat! I love reading about how writers organize their time - it is weirdly deeply satisfying.
And good for you for being short-listed for a Nero. All I remember about Nero Wolfe was that he raised orchids - it was such a nice telling detail and that his side-kick's name was Archie.
oh - in case you don't know - the wonderful Margot Kinburg who writes the blog 'Confessions of a Mystery Novelist' did a spot-light on you the other day. Quite lovely, I thought.

darlene said...

A Nero award nom sounds so up there with all the classical mystery luminaries. Way to go, Louise!

Anonymous said...

The other nominees:

• Ice Cold, by Tess Gerritsen (Ballantine)
• The Book of Spies, by Gayle Lynds (St. Martin’s Press)
• Bury Your Dead, by Louise Penny (Minotaur)
• The Midnight Show Murders, by Al Roker and Dick Lochte (Delacorte)
• Think of a Number, by John Verdon (Crown)

Some great books in there, but nothing that compares to Bury Your Dead, IMHO.