Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Harry Potter eve

mainly sunny - but rain expected later - temps 27

Beautiful morning! Am in Montreal, heading to the airport later today. Our flight isn't until tomorrow morning, but since it's a fairly early flight we've decided to treat ourselves to a night at the new hotel, built right over the Air Canada terminal that goes to the states - so we can pretty much roll out of bed and board in our pajamas. If we prefer to spend the next few says in Security World rather than Harry Potter World.

The 'we' I'm talking about are my friends Linda and Bethany. Bethany has just turned 16 and she wanted one thing - to go to Harry Potter world. Bethany's one of those amazing young women who is beautiful, smart, a terrific singer and very kind. And very aware of how lucky she is so she asks for very little. As a result, when she actually asks for something it tends to happen. Because people want to be kind to someone so selfless.

To be honest - while I might pretend this is a kindness we're doing for Bethany - if she announced tonight she no longer wanted to go, her mother Linda and would still go! We've been emailing and admitting we're almost sick with excitement ourselves! poor Bethany. What will she do with us? double the cringe factor.

So - the party starts tonight at the Montreal hotel. I have to return Sunday (Michael and I are off to Hovey Manor to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary - so you see, it's a soft landing)...but they'll stay on. Swimming with dolphins - then Disney World.

One of Michael's sons is coming to stay with him - a guys long weekend. It's the Saint Jean Baptiste weekend here in Quebec. The major holiday. Saint Jean Baptiste is the patron saint of Quebec.

I'll try to blog from Florida - bring you along. Pack sunblock. And money.


Joy in Kabul said...

Louise, what a wonderful "pre-anniversary" trip - a segue most exquisite: Harry Potter to Full-On Romance. Enjoy every moment!!!

I shall toast you in Kabul with my Three Pines mug. :-)

All the best,

Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Have fun in Florida! I am ashamed to say that I live in North Florida (Jacksonville, which is about 2 hours away) and I've not once visited Harry Potter yet...and now I move to Virginia in less than two months! Sigh... on a side note, I have heard that there is supposed to be an announcement from JK Rowling soon, not sure what it may be!

Enjoy your trip!

mary said...

Have you read the Harry Potter books? I listened to the books. The narrator is fantastic. If you haven't read the books, I would highly recommend listening.