Tuesday, 28 June 2011


mostly sunny, warm, temp 28

Bliss. We're at Hovey Manor on lac Massawippi in Quebec to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We were married in the tiny Anglican church on the hill above North Hatley. And had the reception and lunch in the rose garden of Hovey, and the dining room. 15 years ago.

It is so wonderful to be here - for four days. Wow. We arrived yesterday and immediately went to the tap room for lunch on the veranda overlook the lake...as you can see. Michael had the lobster roll - I had tomato and goat cheese salad. Later we sat in the rose garden. And this morning we walked to our private dock and sipped espresso while sitting on the bench. You can see our feet - Michael on the left in slipper and me in sockettes.

Did I mention this is bliss?

I realized why.

No worries. Not only no stress, but the biggest thing for me, and the most rare, is to find myself without a worry in my lap, or head, or chest. No worry on the path, or the horizon. And the worry factory, which generally chugs away morning, noon and night is closed.

Nothing to worry about. Here. Now. At Hovey. with Michael, healthy and happy beside me.

I wonder sometimes if I can ever truly appreciate how fortunate I am.

This morning we exchanged cards for our anniversary, and Michael gave me a lovely gift basket. 'Wonderful', I exclaimed. 'Soaps! I love soaps.'

'they're not soap,' said Michael. 'They're marzipan.'

'Even better,' I said, and picked one up. 'I think we should eat one now.'

I offered it to him - a lovely heart shaped confection. he took it then announced. 'This is soap'.

We both stared at the items on the table. Seems, all mixed together, were soaps and marzipan.

We decided going to the dock was the better part of valour. But I'll be having a shower later and will let you know if the 'soap' lathers.

How lucky we are to have found each other. I'm far from certain how Michael puts up with me. And, frankly, the writing career and all that entails for both of us wasn't part of the deal when we met and married. But he has been unrelentingly supportive and happy for me. As I'm happy for him and his own writing, his successes.

And when bad stuff happens and we stagger - the other is there.

Hope you're well and enjoying the day too!


Shelagh said...

Happy Anniversary, Louise and Michael! How wonderful is your relationship - you both are truly blessed with each other. And, in addition to your very special relationship - you also love dogs! Man, it doesn't get any better than that!!!!
Can't wait to hear what is marzipan and what is soap. It will be a very interesting story!
Enjoy your very special time at Hovey.
Hugs, Shelagh

Pastor Ed said...

Louise, Congratulations to both of you on 15 years. Please enjoy your wonderful moment of peace. I am reminded of last summer, setting across from my beautiful bride, eating the hottest shrimp vindaloo on the planet, and suddenly feeling terribly uncomfortable, apprehensive and distressed, nary a clue as to was wrong. Then it hit me, I had become so conditioned to stress and worry I didn’t know how to react without it. How crazy, a moment of true joy was nearly shattered by the insanity that has become my daily life. So I told my dearest how luck I was to have her and begged the waitress for more naan and a mango lassi to put out the fire in my mouth! Ed Foster

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to your both! Fifteen years is a lot and I can tell you both are so happy and peaceful with each other.

I almost spewed coffee out my nose about the soap and marzipan. Now I'm settled and may I compliment you on your sockettes. Very stylish! Seriously, I'm glad you guys are having a nice time away at Hovey Manor. I feel we've virtually seen it as you described in RULE OF MURDER. :-)

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard when I read the soap and maripan part. Priceless! It is those little moments that make memories you cherish forever. Much joy to you both!

A. Wright said...

Louise, I am struck by how significant the picture of your and Michael's feet side by side is as a commentary on your relationship. You both are comfortable, different, unique, but when put together, sock and slipper are the perfect combination. On the other hand each is able to stand on its own, be what it is without the need of the other, but together they make the right compliment for each other, and fit like a glove.

Happy 15th anniversary, Louise and Michael, a perfect combo.


Jodi said...

Mazel tov (congratulations)!

Love the goofy little feet pic and the marzipan soap.

Linda said...

Congratulations, Louise and Michael, on your 15 years together. I think you've figured it out. Appreciating the peaceful, quiet times are the best. Life is to be enjoyed, and when it's also shared, it doesn't get better than that. IMHO!

Maddie said...

Ah, Louise, I'm so happy you got to meet Rich in S. Burlington VT last fall. Tonight when he pulled into the driveway I felt the same flutter of excitement I had 28 years ago when we were first married. I will never take this happiness for granted.
Speaking of happiness... guess what ARC I have in my hands right now:)

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary Louise and Michael! My husband and I are half way there to your 15. All the best to you both!!

Brenda Buchanan said...

Happy Anniversary! Felicitations!


Jeanine Cronin said...

Happy anniversary to a most wonderful couple. Here's to many more!


S. C. Gates said...

Tuesday the 28th is also the anniversary of one of my most satisfying and redemptive relationships. Twenty-three years ago, I was matched with an eight year old girl as her "Big Sister". It was a life-changing match for me and I believe it was for her, too.

Tall Pines Pottery said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful time with us. And keep those years just rolling by!

Colombine said...

Bon anniversaire à vous 2! 15 années... c'est un bail de nos jours. Ça fera 20 ans que je suis mariée à mon Guy et... toujours le grand amour. C'est une grâce... tous les jours.

Continuez de profiter du bonheur d'être ensemble, de vous épauler mutuellement, de savourer vos succès, ça ne peut que faire durer ce plaisir, j'en suis sûre, bien mérité.

Barbara said...

Happy Anniversary! Thank heaven Michael didn't eat the soap! :D

Lee Ann said...

Facing the unforeseen (both good and bad) together is one of the great blessings of marriage. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Lee Ann

lil Gluckstern said...

Much joy to both of you-such strong, lovely, and dedicated people.