Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Is that a sofa in the field?

sunny now, but started out overcast and cold! temps 19

Beautiful day now, though still on the cool side. As you see, our lupines are going mad! I realize I'd misspelled lupines as lupins. But a very lovely man named John wrote with his lupine story - and didn't mention my spelling error - but I did notice an 'extra' e
in his message.

One of us had made an error and I could guess who.

Turned into a busy day. Breakfast in cowansville - always a great start. Then met an acquaintance named Maurice for coffee in knowlton to talk about his book. Then met another acquaintance on the street and she told me about her book, and wanted me to read it. Then returned to find out an acquaintance in Montreal had called, wanting advice and...for me to read his book.

Maurice, bless him, didn't ask. He only wanted advice.

Unfortunately I'm finding myself having to decline all invitations to read books. I wish I could, but I just don't have the time or energy left. did some mailing in Richford...then got home to a bunch of paper-work. Contracts, info people needed, people who needed to set up meetings. All good stuff, but it became a little hard to breathe. On top of that, wayne was cutting the grass and the electrician came by.

I'm sure you have days like that. I just have to get by myself for even thirty second - normally the washroom - and take a few deep breaths. And remember that all this has to get done, it might as well be with a smile on my face.

So now, almost 6 - have fed and walked Trudy - nice quiet time around the pond - the sun is finally out....and a steak is about to go on the barbeque...well, in an hour or so.

Pat and Tony are bringing their new dog, Daisy, over for us to babysit tomorrow while they pick up a relative. Daisy is gorgeous. One year old and very bouncy. Apparently she likes to eat sofas. Will report back to you on that one! Now, Buttercup Penny can not only eat a sofa, she can poop one too - so we'll see how Daisy does.

And on that note, I'll leave you! Be well.


Myke Weber said...

Thanks for your frequent posts. Being somewhat dysfunctional (euphemistically speaking), it is nice to observe how a sane, rational, productive person manages life's ups and downs.

I think that is the most predominant reason I check in with you every day.

There's a Gamache-esque serenity about you Louise, that I deeply appreciate.

Al Navis said...

Actually Louise, both 'lupin' and 'lupine' are correct wich might be why he didn't mention it as a mis-spelling. You see, you were right all along.

Linda said...

Myke Weber- That's it! That's how I feel about Louise - and Gamache. Grounded.

Dana said...

I always feel spelling is relative and mistakes can often be passed off as typos. And usually are. But reading text messages from grandchildren has become my greatest challenge. I can read words with no vowels, but they seem to prefer all vowels and consonants limited to "l". lol

Barbara said...

Like you, I absolutely must have a little time alone. I've always been a loner, in fact, so most people have become used to my little disappearances. My husband is the only person I can be with 24 hrs. a day, but it isn't that I don't like people. I do, very much.

lil Gluckstern said...

I think it's wonderful that you have places that quiet you. I think one of the downsides of success, if there is one, is the demands on your time and person. The dogs sound wonderful too. Maybe a little challenging. How does Trudy do with all her guests?

Reine said...

The lupine are gorgeous. Louise, visiting your blog is almost as restorative as a visit to Copenhagen.

I love the cover for your new book and look forward to its arrival this summer. I am going to try another type of book-reading device that allows one to read while lying down. Then I won't have to wait for the e-version or CD (although I adore Ralph Cosham's reading)!

Cherry Patrick Jamison said...

I kept looking for the literal sofa in the field because I had a rather exciting experience riding my first horse and finding a sofa in a field. Good luck with the pups and your sofa, and keep the horses out of the lupine.