Friday, 10 June 2011


sunny, warm, temps 24

Beautiful day, as you can see. The photo was taken from the patio where I was sipping cafe au lait this morning and reading the final chapter of Michael's book on this amazing study they did on screening for a childhood cancer, and the shocking results. Reads like a thriller - which Michael as the main character. It's wonderful.

As you can also see, my decline continues. I couldn't even be bothered to put on matching socks. Oh well. I'm just glad I remembered clothing at all. god knows what tomorrow will bring!

I told Michael this morning that we need to consider ourselves in Copenhagen. Away. Not at home. No visitors, no phone calls. Nothing. Our wonderful neighbour Guy called and wanted to drop by the a DVD he'd made of photos from the party a week ago, and we had to ask it he could wait a day or so. Gracious man that he is, he readily agreed, and we'll see him tomorrow afternoon.

But I just want one day, just one day, without human contact. Without anyone else's needs - no matter how kind.

I imagine parents must feel like this sometimes...loving their children but longing for not just peace a quiet, but personal time. To find themselves again.

In the background of the photo you can see our canoe. It came with the cottage next door when we bought that. Phil, who is doing our geo-thermal, needed to check the pond at the big house (sounds like prison - the Big House) so Tony brought it over. We warned Phil it was quite tippy. He smiled and assured us he knew how to 'operate' a canoe. So Michael stood on shore and watched as Phil leaned right, then left, then right, then left - and made his fragile way across the pond - almost never completely upright.

Over burgers he explained that the canoe appears to be made out of foam - with a thin layer of metal. So it sits right on top of the water. He agreed it was the tippiest canoe ever. It will stay here, awaiting the kids, because if anyone loves a tippy canoe it's children.

And now will spend the afternoon either watching videos (I still call them that!) or reading a Ngaio Marsh - Surfeit of Lampreys. Or a bit of both. on the porch. Here, in Copenhagen.

Hej! Hej!


Linda said...

Author basking in pure delight...well not disturb!

Tall Pines Pottery said...

Louise, thank you for sharing you time off with. Congrats on the Nero nomination!! And I bet you have another pair of socks just like the ones you have on!!

Barbara said...

Thank goodness you explained about the socks. I thought I was seeing things. I like your idea of being in Copenhagen for the day; maybe I'll try that tomorrow. Enjoy your interim time with no work (sorry I mentioned the word) to do.