Monday, 6 June 2011

And the murderer is....

brilliant sunny day, temp 28

Gorgeous day! We had breakfast by the pool. One of those magical mornings. Then Michael sat outside and I went into the livingroom, fired up the laptop and got to work. Coming to the end....I think. Time to start revealing major things...but I find...well...I don't wanna. And you can't make me.

Oh, dear.

It's the oddest feeling. Wanting to hold onto the secrets as long as possible...maybe put them upside down at the end of the book. In pig latin.

Or, maybe I should just reveal them. Which, actually, I am. But it really was a struggle to let them out.

After writing for four hours Michael and I hopped in the bug (top down) and drove into Montreal. Michael's left eye was acting up, the one he'd had operated on a couple of years ago. We got into the eye doctor - and he said all was well. Yay!!! A false alarm, but so worth going in, for peace of mind. Was a time when Michael wouldn't tell me when something was wrong. But I tenderized him enough, over 17 years together, that he now tells me when he only thinks, maybe, something might be going wrong. Dr. Penny looks after the rest.

Sooo - hopped back into the car, drove across the Champlain bridge, which always feels great...and headed home.

With one pit-stop. Exit 55. Yippeee. Mcdonald's! We almost never go in - a few times a year, if that. And only when we're famished. Like today. Burgers, fries and a soft vanilla ice cream for the car.

Home by 5:30 - walked Trudy around the pond then Michael and I sat outside, sipped diet ginger and went over our agendas, trying to figure out our summer schedules. Have to say, that was fun...who is staying with us, when? Best not to double and triple book. Time for ourselves. Time for friends. Time to edit. (and maybe let out some secrets...)

Hope you had a great day too.


Marcie S. said...

So cruel to tease spoilers! But don''s just to wonderful figuring it all our for ourselves! :)

darlene said...

Congratulations, Louise, on winning the Arthur Ellis. Another thrill for that book. Wow, what a book!

Just wanted you to know I'm clapping here, having just read about it. My computer was down since last Monday with a huge virus that took a master geek to remove. Just got it back, with all my files intact, so this is a great day for me, too.

FYI, I thought I had all the best anti-virus software I could get, but when I clicked on a website link re goal setting from a totally trusted publishing source, everything went south. Scary.

H. L. Banks said...

Hi Louise: Enjoyed hearing how you felt about coming to the end of the book and revealing the secrets. Very interesting.

McD - so good - especially their fries!

Congrats on yet another well deserved award.

Michelle said...

Congratulations Louise on your award!! Love, love, love your books and your blog. Makes me miss reading your books even more! Hope you are going to have another contest to win an ARC. I am really trying hard to win every time!

lil Gluckstern said...

I just enjoy so much how you write about your writing. If all is revealed, then one phase is done. I'm trying to say when I do something creative, that I particularly love, I hate finishing it-like a scarf or something. Then I get the pleasure of seeing it or watching someone wearing it. something about the creative process.

Tanya said...

What do you mean, we can't make you? We can threaten never to buy another book from you if you don't reveal the secrets. :D

I love reading your blogs. And your descriptions of home make me want to visit that setting. You make everything interesting to read: keep up the good work!