Friday, 27 February 2009

Taking charge

sunny, mild, very windy, temps plus 5

We have what's called 'snow eating' weather. Very mild and windy. We're down to grass in some spots already! And water is just pouring off roofs...sideways because of these huge gusts of wind. I actually checked the weather station to see if a warning had been issued. I felt like one of the three pigs with the big, bad wolf huffing and puffing. Our home has been shuddering most of the morning...

Well, actually, we just got back from breakfast at the Cafe Floral in Knowlton, so we weren't actually here most of the morning...but when we took the dogs for a walk just now we actually had to lean into the wind.

Spent some time writing and fine tuning the March newsletter with Linda in Scotland, and responding to personal appearance requests. Unfortunately I'm having to say 'thank you, but no' to most of them. Getting about 2 requests a day, sometimes more, and just can't do it I'm afraid. Some I have agreed to. The mystery festival in Pittsburg at the beginning of May. There's a fabulous author's series in Rochester New York I've agreed to for December, and an appearance at the Atwater Library in Montreal in october. But I just have to concentrate on writing - already feel behind for book 6. Starting to write it on Sunday.

And heard from our friends Louise and Jacques that his dad just died. There will be a visitation in Magog tomorrow, so we'll go to that, with heavy hearts. So hard to lose a parent.

Must hop off...doing laundry today, and catching up on all those details that gather while we're away. And, Michael and I have each been doing 20 minutes a day on our new elliptical trainer. It's hard! Hard to get the discipline to do it, and hard once on. But it sure feels great to be doing it. Mostly it just feels really good to gain back control.

Speak soon - hope you're well.

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