Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Great Company

brilliant sunshine, mild, temps minus 2

A stunning, perfect, Quebec winter day. Indeed, it started out slightly colder, but so clear and without a hint of wind that even at minus 8 it felt mild. And now it's warming up. Michael and I did some charoes this morning (breakfast in Cowansville - some mailing and banking, then shopping at our favorite store, Canadian Tire)then got home and fed the birds, or whatever those flying pigs are. Honestly, how they manage to eat so much and still take off is a mystery. But what a gorgeous day to work outside. The dogs were playing in the snow and Maggie was even chasing Trudy and wrestling for the ball.

Had wonderful news...the third book, THE CRUELEST MONTH, has been nominated for an Agatha Award for Best Novel in the US!!! The award is given away (and voted on) at Malice Domestic, at the beginning of May. Malice Domestic is a convention of readers and writers of Traditional mysteries...ala Agatha Christie.

And a huge congratulations to everyone on the's a VERY strong list of nominees, which I love because, honestly while I would always prefer to win I am totally happy to applaud for any one of them if they win...and feel they deserve the award. The other nominees are:

Donna Andrews
Rhys Bowen
Anne Perry
Julia Spencer-Fleming

Isn't that wonderful company??? Indeed, Rhys is the guest of honour at this year's Left Coast Crime convention, starting in a few days in Hawaii!

Must be off - want to write the March Newsletter. And put in more calls inviting people to Michael's 75th!

Hope you're well...speak tomorrow.


Jo B. said...

Congratulations on your nomination! Good job!!

My husband and I were counting up the 50 pound bags of sunflower seeds we have fed this about piggy birds! There is a flock of about 15 cardinals in our redbud tree right now!

lil Gluckstern said...

Just catching up on your blogs. the Empire is doing really well-see the Oscars, and the nominations for the book award. What a wonderful group of writers you are. but I must say you are the most personal, and very personable. I met Anne Perry at a signing some years ago, and she struck me as sheer brilliance, which of course you are as well. Truly, each of you is unique and very inspiring. I hope your party turns out well. You two seem to be a devoted and caring couple. It is wonderful to see that these days. By the way, in my other life, I'm a psychotherapist. I wish all my ladies were as common sensical (?) as you are.

humble.pie said...

just an end-of-winter ramble from the arrogant tart.

1st, don't we all enjoy louise's slight malapropisms. Somebody else has already remarked on these. They are whimsical, endearing. Driving conditions in to montreal for yet another nerve-wracking appointment with yet another daunting coiffeuse are hairy. Close friend has a hit replacement operation.

2nd, Frozen River. Haven't seen this flic yet. Take smuggling, though. Now there's a robust Qu├ębec tradition. They smuggle everything from booze to bodies, including weapons and countless tons of plant materials mostly smokeable. Long term, how can Gamache keep himself away from such a story.

3rd, i have decided that the top photograph on your website home page (horizontal pic of lake w mountains) is really Lake Louise alberta in the foreground, plus the talented scottish webmistress has cleverly substituted a picture of the Grampians in the background instead of glacier-clad mount Victoria which in reality towers straight up from the headwaters of lake Louise. Is there a joke here, some kind of sub voce. Are there more "louise" clues embedded in the website. Louise, are you personally in on this, or did the webmistress outfox you and set these up while you weren't looking.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the nomination! I am currently trying to talk my husband into attending Malice Domestic - it sounds like great fun and not too far from home. He is resisting because we are also going to Ireland in March and San Francisco at the end of May, but I can be very persuasive. :) Hope to see you there.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jo B.,

Oh, a flock of cardinals in your redbud...what a wonderful sentence to be able to write. I wish I had both!! Red buds don't do well here, slightly too cold. And I keep looking for cardinals but they don't come to our feeders. Oh well. I'm very glad you have them - pigs and all!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil,

Ha, common sensical...I'm sure that's correct but it does sound like non-sensical.

But thank you for the compliment. Do you know what I find messes most people up? a lack of gratitude. Of really knowing how lucky they are. At least, whenever I'm feeling and acting rotten that's normally at the core.

And thank you for your kind words about the Agatha. I agree about Anne Perry. Brilliant. She's actually the guest of honour at Malice Domestic this year.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Hum,

If I don't read anything else all day just reading your alias - arrogant tart - is enough!! You are hilarious. And actually I'm not sure that is lake louise...I think Linda said it was loch lomand or Loch ness or something like that...but there's an idea I'll hide away for then the ego gets totally out of control...all louise all the time...only something to do with 'louise' allowed in my orbit.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Karen,

Oh, I hope you convince him. I'm sure if he loved you....

And, Anne Perry will be the guest of honour this year...she alone is worth any trip.

Still, have to say that it sounds as though you have a fabulous spring, whatever happens! But, hope to see you there.