Tuesday, 24 February 2009

3 Questions for God...

sunny, chilly, windy, temps minus 10

Am in Montreal - bit of a hairy drive in...we had 2 feet of fluffy snow, most of it yesterday. But as we got closer to Montreal the dreive improved. Had the hair appointment - I think the results are good, but it always looks good when they just do it, and blow dry it. I never blow dry my hair. Just shake.

I think I might be turning into a golden retriever.

Had a fun dinner last night with Marilyn and about 14 other women - members of a montreal book club. It was held in an Italian restaurant downtown. What a great community they've formed. If i lived in Montreal and wanted to join a book club this would definitely be on the short-list.

Off for breakfast this am with Susan, then a teeth cleaning...then home to Michael and the puppies.

Had a wonderful email from US editor who read the revised The Brutal Telling and says it's the best so far. Yay. And Phew.

Also had the longest questionaire I've ever had...25 questions from readers in Russia...I believe it's part of a book club there. But the questions are like none others I've ever been asked. Things like why do I live in and old home...and if I had dinner with God what 3 questions would I ask. What makes a happy woman.

Fascinating questions...Questions I reaslly have to think about! So that's awaiting me at home.

Heading out now.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Louise. Really thought provoking inquiries. Glad to hear you are well and isn't it amazing who that woman in the mirror is when we've just had our hair "done"? She never arrives in my mirror at home. :-)

And, of course, THE BRUTAL TELLING will be the best yet. I believe that of each and every one of your books.

Jo B. said...

It has been a wonderful thing to find your blog and read about your life experiences. Has made reading your first two books more interesting.....starting on the third now! Jo B.

Anonymous said...

So interesting that Russian women would ask "What makes a happy woman?"...of a mystery writer...And I wonder how they would answer that?

I haven't piped up in awhile but I've been enjoying your blog so much the last few weeks.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Kay,

Oh, so wonderful to hear from you. Hope your health continues robust. And I suspect you know by now I'm not the most self-conscious woman, but I'm amazed how horrible a bad haircut feels. It feels like aerobics.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jo B.,

I'm so gald you're reading The Cruelest Month! Hope you enjoy it. Let me know (unless you hate it in which case you're clearly delusional)

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Sharon,

Yes, isn't that an intersting question? They all were. finally finished the questionaire...took about an hour and a half.

Glad to have you back! Thanks for commenting.

Jo B. said...

I had my teeth cleaned on Tuesday also. The whole dentist office staff had just returned on Monday from a dental convention cruise to Cozumel. They still were trying to get back their land legs!