Thursday, 19 February 2009

International Cuisine

snowy, mild, temps about freezing

Well, we're home! We actually left Quebec City yesterday on the 5:30 train. It started to snow before we arrived in Montreal around 9pm...our plan was to see how we felt, but try to drive out to the country if we could, since a storm was coming in.

And that's what we did. Loaded up the car and skidaddled out of there.

Not the happiest drive, but we got here, so it wasn't too bad either!!

Lise had done the most amazing job of organizing Michael's study, and other parts of the home. I hate mess. well, some I can live with. the only thing that stresses me more than mess is everything too neat and tidy.

Our home is never too neat and tidy...but it sometimes slops over into chaotic.

So, while we were away the wonderful Lise had her way with the home. And what a happy home we came back to. Wow. And - to make absolutely certain she's in our wills, Lise left me a huge vat (as opposed to a small vat) of gummi bears, and Michael a big dark chocolate bar.

She is now our main beneficary. She inherits mounds of papers, magazines, books, gummis. A real wealth.

It's great to be home. I had a long, bubble bath. Michael opened the mail.

And Pat had made us a lovely dinner. So tonight I threw it in the over and heated it up. Too much. It came out very hot and very dry. It was like eating Arizona. Our meals are more often irish. Cool and wet.

Hard to say what Michael prefers. But I know something for fabulous as Quebec City was - his favorite meals are Sutton meals.

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