Monday, 2 February 2009

Super Bowl - arrrgh.

sunny, beautiful day, temps minus 9

So, Arizona lost...but what a game! Have to say, I think Pittsburgh deserved to win, so I don't feel too badly. And, really, we don't follow football at all. We're those awful dilitants to become interested only in the finals.

But - if you actually really, really cared about the outcome this year's Super Bowl would have killed you! So close - those last 5 minutes were amazing!!!

So now I've exhausted my sports talk. hard to believe i was actually a sports reporter. My very first job. Another lifetime.

We're heading out. Breakfast is calling. Then we'll explore more of the old city - especially want to walk around Notre Dame Cathedral and into the crypts. Still trying to connect with a man who was highly recommended for a private historical tour of Quebec. And the Chief Archeologist.

I also want to really thank all the people who read the newsletter and wrote such lovely messages. This is a fun time. Bad times come every now and then, so I always think it"s a shame not to totally appreciate and celebrate the good.

Speaking of which - we're off into Quebec City. Speak to you tomorrow.


Lesa said...

Oh, Louise,

I have the feeling you truly appreciate and celebrate the good times. I know you and Michael have both experienced the other side. Enjoy today! Your time in Quebec just sounds wonderful.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lesa,

So wonderful to hear from you. I was just about to email you privately to thank you for telling so many people about the books, putting it on your influential blog (as do Kay and patti and others) and getting the word out.

I'll email in a few minutes. We're just back from an unexpectedly eventful day in Quebec. Thank you, Lesa.

Lee Ann said...

I watched that last five minutes of the Super Bowl, cheering on the Cardinals (one of their players went to high school a couple of miles from here). Even though Arizona lost, it was a truly exciting finish to the game! However, I must admit, I'm having a hard time picturing you as a sports reporter . . .

As a result of this blog, I am adding Quebec City to my list of places that must be visited. Maybe not in winter though!

Lee Ann (frostbitten just reading about it)

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lee Ann,

I wasn't a very good sports reporter, it is true. However, I found if I sprinkled my conversation with phrases like, 'hang time' and 'penalty' people thought I knew. This had limitd use - for instance in covering politics 'hang time' had a whole other meaning.