Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The roast has left the building...

rain, cool, temps 7

They were calling for wet snow this morning but fortunately we only got rain. Am in Montreal now. Have an event at the Pierrefonds library at 7:30 tonight. And the Pointe-Claire library at 7pm tomorrow.

Just spoke to Michael (who is waiting in Sutton for the NY publishers - Minotaur - to deliver 300 books to sign) and he says Tony finally managed to dislodge the pot roast. Both it and I have left the building and Michael (Dear One) is left in peace.

Need to spend the afternoon reading Brat Farrar. It's the book featured at this year's Magna Cum Murder, this weekend in Muncie. Wouldn't you know it? They chose the one book to study by Josephine Tey I hadn't yet read. And I'm an excrutiatingly slow reader, as I've mentioned. But what a brilliant book. Am alternately awe and cowed by her. Still, I need to finish by Friday.

Will leave you now and get back to the divine Miss T.

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