Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Nearing The End

heavy rains, mild, temps 20

torrential rains today. Loads of leaves fell so that our lawn now looks like amber. Quite stunning in itself.

The October newsletter went out. Just spent some time responding to the kind people who wrote me after recieving the newsletter. Not actually sure how much longer I can keep that up, since the numbers are increasing as is the time it takes - b ut I feel it's rude not to. And I know the only reason I have the life I have is because of the readers.

Made dinner tonight - a pork paprikash (sp?)...Hungarian dish...wonderful.

Nearing the end of the editing. the re-write for the new facts took quite a while this morning, but it made the section even stronger, and I'm thrilled about that. I adore this stage in a book. More problem-solving than creation. Less frightening.

Am off...quite tired after a very long day at the computer. But a very good day. Hope yours was too.

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