Friday, 3 October 2008

Pears, melted brie and spiced blueberry crepe

cloudy, some rain, cool. 14

Went to Knowlton for breakfast. Ahh - I'm beginning to appreciate that Book 5 - The Brutal Telling - really is done. I can feel myself creak back to place. I feel my heart lighter. Though, not perhaps the rest of me. Had the most amazing crepe. Pear, melted brie and spiced blueberries. Mother of God. Take me now. Perfect. I think I'll have to add it to the Bistro menu in Three Pines. Such fun having a restaurant, without actually having to cook.

Ran a few errands today - and then, to celebrate finished THE BRUTAL TELLING and the launch of THE MURDER STONE, we made reservations to spend 10 days in Paris!

It's been a few years since we were in Paris. We're staying in St Germain, just off the Luxembourg Gardens. In a friend's flat. I'm almost giddy with excitement.

Have a couple of manuscripts people have sent me to read, and this afternoon I got started on them. In front of the fireplace. Today for the first time this season I put on a turtleneck. It was almost cold enough to snow this morning.

We continue to be worried about Maggie, but we find when we take her painkillers we feel much better.

Will call Joan to see if she's available for breakfast tomorrow morning. As you might have noticed, I adore breakfasts out. It's a total indulgence...I guess because it more than anything really signals 'vacation'.

Talk to you tomorrow. relieved to have finished this stage of THE BRUTAL TELLING


frouch said...

Once again, you made my day (or my night, since that's the moment I usually spend with you).

You are so hilarious! I am really, really glad my husband can't read english, because he wouldn't see how funny the part of the painkiller is and would start stealing mines...

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Frouch,

How great of you to write - where do you live? And what do you mean, hilarious?

Take care - and welcome!

frouch said...

Dear Louise,

What do I mean, hilarious? Well, the part where you talk about you and Michael taking the dog painkiller to feel better really made me laugh, and so did the story about the electrician, and so many other things you have the kindness to relate to us, and makes me break the silence of the night with laughter, which feel so good, you have no clue.

You don't only make me laugh. You make me angry and sad when you talk about all those poor animals being so cruelly treated, you make me do a standing ovation for the day you had the courage to stand up in the clinic office and redistribute the numbers to the patients, you make me go and gently kiss my husband cheek in his sleep because you remind me how lucky I am. You always, always, touches me, and, oh my God, do you make me hungry!

I live in Ile Bizard, not so far from Laval, where I recently went for a brunch-surprise party, and had the tremendous chance to be seating next to someone having the same name as I do...

Since then, I became a huge fan of you, and I want to thank you because your writing brings so much to my life. Thanks also for letting us know about the magazines. I went this morning and bought both of them!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Frouch,

What a beautiful, beautiful comment. Thank you. I'm afraid I was pulling your leg when I asked about 'hilarious'. I actually knew what you menat. I'm most grateful for your comment then, and the subsequent ones! You sound a lovely woman - and I bet your husband is a wonderful man.

Thank you for the kind things you said.