Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Murder Stone has arrived

mainly sunny, cold, temps 2

Hard frost last night. But a wonderful launch!!! Yay. More than 100 people, a chocolate fountain and amazing food (thanks to Lucy and Danny) loads of wine and punch. Really, Danny and Lucy and Brome Lake Books are incredible.

It just felt so warm, so enthusiastic. I was moved almost to tears when Danny introduced me and I looked out at all those happy faces. Many I knew - some were close and loving friends - but many were strangers as well. And I really loved seeing that. One woman came from Tennessee, a couple came from North Carolina. There were people from Ontario and Vermont and all over the Eastern Townships.

The place felt electric - but at the same time very warm. I think it was the best launch yet!

Joan came and gave me a single white rose - beautiful. And Cotton sent a bouquet...she'll be at the Inn this afternoon.

I spoke for a couple of minutes (mostly trying not to cry) and then read from THE MURDER STONE.

Oh, and Danny and Lucy invited a good friend of ours, Mike Stone, to set up a display there. He does - wait for it - stone work. He built some of our dry stone walls, and laid our stone paths. It was a riot to see him there, with his lovely stones!

Debra Schram and her husband Peter were there too. She's the publishers representative, and she took Michael, Danny, Lucy, our friends Kirk and Walter and me out for a celebratory dinner afterward. Debra and Peter stayed in the guest cottage last night.

At noon we're all heading off to Hovey Manor for launch #2. High Tea. Another talk, and this time I've chosen to read a couple of passages that describes the Manoir Bellechasse (inspired by Hovey). And I'll be taking a board I made up when planning STILL LIFE. It has a sketch of Three Pines I drew, a plan for Peter and Clara's home, as well as post-it notes stuck on the board with characters names (some crossed out and new ones added) with personality traits. It's a sort of see the village and the characters as they were born.

Must be off. Need to get into party frock #2 - pack the car. Will stay overnight at Hovey. Gary and Cheryl stayed there last night and will be at the tea. As will our cousins, Chris and Carl from Toronto.

Deep breath. Talk to you tomorrow, and tell you all about it.


G.M. Malliet said...

Louise - So sorry to have missed you at Bouchercon! Given the crowds I guess it's not too surprising.

Anonymous said...

The three graces from Vermont and Tennessee had a blast! Thank you for drawing us across the border to meet you. It was indeed a pleasure. Congratulations on your successful launch and may there be many more to come. I still have book 3 and 4 ahead of me but then I will be panting for the next.

Louise Penny Author said...


I saw you were there too and kept looking for you - but as you say, it was a crowd scene. And I see you have a sequel to the wonderful Death of a Cozy Writer coming out! Congratulations.

Louise Penny Author said...

The the Three Graces,

Well, you three were just a riot. Especially loved your wearing pearls, in recognition of Agatha Christie, and the veddy British launch. Hope to see you in Stowe one day when A RULE AGAINST MURDER comes out.