Sunday, 26 October 2008


mostly clear, windy, cold

a long but very fun day at Magna Cum Murder, here in Muncie. Started with an 8am breakfast - where different authors hosted discussions at their tables. Mine was: Resolved: That character development slows pace amd plot. Some very interesting ideas. Clearly both character and plot are necessary. One of my favorite contributiuons came from a man named John who said that plot might get him to the end of the book, but character will make him buy the next one.

Then had a TV interview at 10:15, and at noon, over lunch, was the feature interview with me on stage. A wonderful author named Beverle Myers did the interview, and people were very kind. At 2:30 I had a signing, then at 5:15 I had another round table. Then the banquet at 7 and another signing. The other guest of honour, Sharon Randall, is a newspaper columnist and gave a fabulous after dinner talk. Lovely woman. Very funny and touching.

Then back to the hotel to sleep -

Michael drove in to Montreal today and is catching a train to Toronto. I was supposed to fly out of Indianapolis at 7:30 tonight - arriving at 9:20pm - but JD, who runs Sleuth of Baker Street said he's driving back to Toronto right after lunch and maybe I'd like to hitch a ride. The only problem was that I thought someone from the literary festival I'm going to in Toronto was going to meet the plane - but I spoke to Michael and he said when he arrives in TO he'd cancel that.

So will hop a lift with JD. 8 hour drive. That's not bad. Should arrive before the plane. Very kind of JD to offer. I actually have an event at his store in Toronto this Wednesday.

Oh, that reminds me - Mari emailed to say THE MURDER STONE made the beststeller list it's first week out! I'm thrilled. Thank you all who bought it!

Must run. Need to pack, check out and get to the convention. Have a panel this morning, another signing and need to report on our round-table discussion.

Tomorrow we have off in Toronto. Plan to sleep, and just be with Miuchael.

But a huge congratulations to Kathryn Kennison, Jim Huang and everyone else who organized this year's Magna Cum Murder. A fabulous conference.


frouch said...

Dear Louise,

It's fantastic to see how things are going for you!

What touches me the most when I read you is the fact that you are so grateful for everything, whether it is tiny or huge. For me you are a uniquely, wonderful women and I am blessed to be able to follow you through your blog and your books. You are a huge gift in my life, because you put so much sun in it.

Hope you'll have plenty of rest and quality time with Michael tomorrow.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Frouch,

How kind of you - as always. Such a huge heart you have. And yes, Michael and I are having a great time. Phew.