Monday, 6 October 2008


partly cloudy, cool, temps 14

Heavy dew this morning. Am tempted everytime I take the dogs out to check on the mouse, but afraid it'll still be where I left it. Then what? So I keep myself and the dogs away and trust it found little mouse friends and is making a little mouse home for the winter.

Rented and watched my new favorite movie. Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day. Wonderful. Frances McDormand is brilliant, as is Amy Grant...very fun and funny. And warm. Loved, loved, loved it! Am planning to buy it now.

But the real revelation was the man who plays Joe. As soon as I saw him I thought - there's Gamache. His name is Ciaran Hinds. And my friend Sharon (who also has a crush on him) says that he was in the mini-series Rome.

In Miss Pettigrew he plays a character much like Gamache - it was quite eerie. But lovely too.

Am doing odds and ends still not fixed - Nancy coming about 3:30 this afternoon. Sshe's an avid golfer and I suspect she might be taking advantage of these last days before the snow.

More tomorrow - be well.


Elizabeth said...

I seriously think you should check out Mr. Hinds in Jane Austen's Persuasion--it must be about 10 years old. I loved the book, but I really really loved this movie. The soundtrack is relatively unadorned (except for some Chopin Preludes) and I love the sound of carriage wheels on gravel and the baaing of the sheep in the background. There is a real sense of pre-industrial England. Terrific stuff. Oh yes, my husband, Bill, also loved Jane's Austen's line in Persuasion about how married women without children are the "very best preservers of furniture". I wonder if he was making some sort of negative comment about me?

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I definitely will! Thank you. And you made me laugh out loud at the 'preservers of furniture' line. Wonderful.