Monday, 14 January 2008

A fine trail of jelly beans

Snow, about 5 cms, mild, highs minus 3

More wonderful news today - The Cruelest Month received a STARRED REVIEW in Library Journal! That's three out of four starred reviews, and I'm gobsmacked. Been waiting a long while to use that word, and this seems the perfect time! So that means starred reviews for The Cruelest Month from Kirkus, Publishers Weekly and Library Journal.

As well, we've added a speech to the Rotary Club in Detroit on March 12, as part of the US tour. I love speaking to service clubs. They're very enthusiastic and supportive people. Even if they don't buy the books, they're extremely kind, and that goes a long way in my book.

Received Louise Ure's latest book, THE FAULT TREE, through the mail today. I'd read it in proof and blurbed it with great enthusiasm. She's created the most extraordinary heroine - she's a blind car mechanic. At first I thought it was a joke, or a terrible error on Louise's part - but a paragraph in and I was hooked - and the book just got better and better and has a nail-biting finale. Magnificent. Highly recommend it.

Went to Richford, Vermont today - supposedly for gas (much cheaper than in Canada) but two bags of jelly beans followed me home. These trips across the border are fraught with danger for me. If it isn't a smuggling transgression it's a dietary one. Still - I expect on my death bed one of my few regrets will be not eating more desserts. So I'm putting that to rights right now.

haven't actually eaten them yet, but I don't think they'll see the sunrise.

Michael and I had lunch at a local tea room in Sutton. Tintoretto. wonderful, eclectic menu. I had a curried meatball soup (not kidding) and a Greek salad. Michael had the same soup and a Reuben sandwich. We had bowls of cafe au lait for dessert and shared a homemade key lime cheese cake. That deathbed regret is rapidly receding. A good days work.

heard a fantastic show on CBC radio - never heard it before but I think it's on every Monday morning between 11 and noon, nationally. It's called Whitecoat Black magic. It's hosted by a doctor and it appears to be about the medical profession. Fascinating.

Hope you're well and I'll speak to you tomorrow I hope.


Louise Ure said...

Louise, I love reading your posts. I feel like I'm traveling with you.

Thank you for the kind words about The Fault Tree. I only wish I could have penned a grateful message to you on the title page before the final book was sent off to you. Thank you again for reading it in its infancy.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Louise,

Great to hear from you! And your book is wonderful - many congratulations.

the other Louise