Saturday, 19 January 2008

Dead Cold, indeed.

snow, quite heavy at times, mild, highs minus 3

We're heading for a high tomororw (sunday) of minus 20! Yikes. But for today it's a beautiful, snowy day.

Saw on TV the ads for Maureen Jennings wonderful TV series, the Murdoch Mysteries! How thrilling. And they look great. High production values, which is key. Always afraid the producewrs will go cheap and screw it up, but it looks as though they've done Maureen proud. According to the ads, the series debuts this coming Thursday on CITY TV in Canada.

For those of you unfamiliar with Maureen's works, she writes the Murdoch series, set in Toronto in the late 1800's. She's marvelous, really bringing the city alive - you can almost smell turn of the century Toronto. And they're mysteries (obviously) so there's the added joy of a great yarn too.

I'll actually be in Toronto this coming Thursday, but will be doing a talk and reading at the Toronto Reference Library with John Brady, another mystery writer. It starts at 7pm, and if you live in the city it would be great to see you there. But we need to rush back to the hotel, to watch Maureen's show! Will try not to blab on - though I can't garantee anything from Mr. Brady, who is just about the most entertaining speaker (and terrific writer) I know.

As you might have noticed, I only talk about writers whose works I admire. If I don't like their work I simply won't mention them. There are enough critics out there. Besides, I know how much it stings and I have no desire to do that to another writer.

Having breakfast tomorrow with Joan - always a delight. have realized I much prefer breakfasts or lunches, to dinners. Quite dislike going out for dinner now. Especially in winter. But give me a good breakfast out with friends and I'm all over it.

Though I must be off now - into the dark, snowy night. Having a small celebration with friends tonight. Saturday night.

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