Saturday, 12 January 2008

India Today? Now, are you just making this up?

Mostly sunny, mild, highs minus 3

Perfect day - we're still in Montreal, but heading back to the country tomorrow. Michael's eye still fine. Busy week last week.

Went to Toronto and did an event at Casa Loma with Giles Blunt (terrific writer) - it was sponsored by the Crime Writers of Canada. Lots of people, lots of fun - fantastic location for a murdery mystrery evening. Cheryl Friedman from CWC is a really amazing woman. A dynamo who also manages to be very kind.

Stayed at a great hotel - the SoHo met. New for me. The manager turns out to be the brother of a former colleague and the best friend of another former colleage at the CBC - Lorne Saxberg, from Thunder Bay, Lorne and I co-hosted the CBC Radio morning show show shen he was 21 and I was 20. But we sounded about 55 (as everyone does on CBC). People were shocked when we'd show up for public events - not believing Lorne's booming, masterful voice belong to this little blonde kid. Tragically Lorne died two years go while scuba diving. It felt great to talk about him with someone who knew him so well.

Then back on the train - VIA One - no one around. Spent most of the 5 hour journey editing book 4, listening to my iPod and looking out the window.

Arrived back in Montreal to find the CWC had sent the box of books to be judged in the Arthur Ellis Best First Novel category. There are 15 - but in a cruel optical illusion it looks like 130 books.

And - great news!!! - returned to the news that THE CRUELEST MONTH in the US has been given a starred review by Publishers Weekly! That's two starred reviews - one from Kirkus and the other from PW.

As well, India Today has made the UK version - THE CRUELLEST MONTH - one of it's book club selections!

And in Canada THE CRUELLEST MONTH has landed on the bestsellers lists today for the third week in a row.

This is a lot more fun than a kick in the head (of which I've had a few - particularly painful when I do it to myself).

Just finished the notes on book 4 - will send back to the publisher tomorrow.

Michael healthy, THE CRUELEST MONTH flourishing, book 4 done (again). Life is great.

Hope your life is great too - full of health and peace. And joy. Talk soon.


Anonymous said...

Wish I lived in Toronto, as you and Giles Blunt are my two favourite Canadian writers- it must have been a wonderful evening. Fortunately, I found your blog a few days ago, and am enjoying it immensely. I especially like that your blog makes me feel as if I, too, live in your village, (as I do in your books.) By the way, any sign of the dear deer?
Dee, a senior fan

Anonymous said...

The kindest blog on someone who knew Lorne Saxberg best!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hello to Anonymous X 2,

Thank you for the blogspot info on Lorne. What a wonderful man he was - not only as a talented broadcaster, but a kind man who loved his family, his friends and his home - Thunder Bay. A terrible loss.

And to Dee,

I wish you could have been there too! it would have been such fun to meet. But perhaps at one of my other events. And I agree with you about Giles. Amazing writer. And his reading blew us all away. If it had been any better I would have had to kick him.

thanks for writing - all best,